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Add and sync birthdays of your contacts (Android) - Q&A

Add and sync birthdays of your contacts (Android)

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So has Samsung Gio with Android 2.3.3. Problem: gmail filled in the field "birthday" filled with the year of birth, for example, 01.01.1981 (gmail), Google calendar account, added calendar "birthdays and events of contacts" in the calendar settings set to show both calendar — the birthdays of contacts are not displayed neither on the computer nor on the phone. And for some strange reason one's birthday appeared to Akka, synchronized, appeared on the phone and alerted. Then was established the contact with the occasion. Sync — neither there nor there anything. Now it's all ruined, i.e. do not appear anywhere else.
Tried to unsubscribe calendar "birthdays and events of contacts" and add it again. Silence. Not appear. Do not expect such "miracles". I have a Sony Z550i, everything was just great, and then a full OS and the silence.
Question: prompt, who knows/experienced how to make birthdays automatically added to your calendar account (sync and reminders are excellent) or maybe separate. (even paid), which automatically pulls birthdays from your contact book and will remind when it is necessary.
Thank you!
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2 Answers

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Maybe there is another problem, of course. I was a little bit easier: calendar. contacts showed on the top blank. Helped, if not mistaken, go to applications and clear there cache of the calendar. But on the computer all was fine, so maybe there is another reason.
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you can download dnyuhu from contacts and set notifications.
you can download some other ways, but I fail.
now I use.
\rBirthday Reminder GLite
he pulls dnyuhu or gmyla, whether from the phone book, but every time open PTS slowly.
you can set notifications.
\rBirthday Manager
he pulls dhahi from the phone book, very fast to start up.
you can set notifications.
why deleted can not remember now, there were some drawbacks.
to achieve Google-calendar bug-free dnyuhu was showing on the calendar widget (any) I did not succeed. there's always two people that fall in a subscription to dnyuhu friends.
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