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Hard drive for laptop, 5400 vs 7200 - Q&A

Hard drive for laptop, 5400 vs 7200

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There was a need to buy a new hard into the laptop. Beech nimble enough, therefore, the question arose with the choice of the fast screw. On the SSD yet there is no money.
Question — how significant is the difference between 5400 and 7200 rpm?
How visible differences between 8 and 16 MB cache?
Write what screw you use in your bouquet? (If you have advice on specific models — I will be grateful for it).
Thank you!
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7 Answers

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7200 5400 heated more. I at purchase was guided by this, because in my laptop the screw inside the pad for palm.
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7200 really bask stronger if you're not using the laptop on my knees, then take it, if you will, it is better 5400.
Oh, and don't take the series WD Blue, spilling, especially when the temperature regime increased.
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Heh, right now the screws are junk like this. The faster Krutitsa, the faster you will die.
So it is better 5400. Hitch or VD.
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5400 is slower, quieter, consumes less power, cooler.
7200 is faster, more noise, consumes more energy, no more.
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7200 5400 heated more? Not a fact... it depends on the model.
In your laptop (AMD by the way) changed WD 5400 to the Hitachi 7200.
The temperature of the screw as was 38-39 degrees and left.
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a) One of its screws WD3200BJKT took a long time, quiet, reliable. Modern it's hard to tell exactly.
b) Screws only with the acceleration sensors/fall/blow to take, without them — the killing, though they are usually +20% more expensive, but this is the case when a toad should suffocate.
C) the Difference between 7200 and 5400 other things being equal , significantly. But "other things being equal" is rare, so it is necessary to look tests of specific models before buying. For example in one line WD different speeds very will know, but compare different years models from different manufacturers is useless.
g) 16Mb cache significantly better, but 8Mb is not depressing. To pay for 16 — makes sense, but after him if not a suitable model — it makes no sense.
d) Into the laptop it makes sense to take the SSD, they are certainly more expensive, but the price difference between the laptop and the SSD screw is much less than between the desktop and the SSD screws. But the difference in speed inspire + incredible resistance to shock/vibration.
e) In the case of taking the SSD into the laptop, nice to have "somewhere near" screw for bakarov, SSD rarely, but sometimes suddenly die.
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The difference between 5400 and 7200 can be considered what doesn't.
That's just the speed of torsion.
What to look for
1. OS — if you have W7 or Knicks — ROM is very helpful extension operatives(SuperFetch, disc-cache, commit>N). It gives VERY much.
2. The access speed\\track search. You can buy a 7200 who can and will copy movies mega fast, but the access to small files(99% of operations) will be closed. At the same time a lot of disks on 5400 with various smart features(NCQ and other "branded" counterparts)
3. The cache in the General case only affects the write or read large blocks with a fixed defragmentation — works as it should.
Summary — at work I have the SSD on the home — velociraptor. When I just put it was SOMETHING. Now, the feelings — a terrible brake.
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