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How to do daily snapshots from the web Cam schedule? - Q&A

How to do daily snapshots from the web Cam schedule?

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Good afternoon.

Trivial task: scheduled (every day at a certain time) to take pictures with the webcam, and then (optional, but advisable) fill them by FTP (SFTP) with a certain file format.

The problem is that this must be done under Windows 7, under Linux I have no such issues would not have arisen, because this pair lines on bash'E.

Yesterday went online in search of a suitable software, but anything suitable have not met. Can you then advise how to solve this problem?

The problem is solved

Thanks to you, problem solved. Here is the solution:
1. Download and install SMPlayer (he also includes mplayer).
2. Create a file with the following contents (pay attention to file paths) to take the snapshot.cmd

"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\SMPlayer\\mplayer\\mplayer's" tv:// -ss 5 -frames 1-vo png -vf scale=640:480

cd "C:\\Users\\Vir\\AppData\\Local\\VirtualStore\\Program Files (x86)\\SMPlayer\\mplayer\\"

set _date=%date%

ren 00000001.png %_date%.png

ftp -v-i -s:ftp-commands.txt

del %_date%.png

3. Create a file ftp-commands.txt in the same directory that the script is using the cmd:

cd directory-with-your-images
send *.png

And that's all. The problem is solved. Starts the file a take snapshot.cmd, it creates a snapshot with the webcam and uploaded it via ftp.
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2 Answers

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um... to write a program and put it in the planner :)
Example program to capture video from camera using OpenCV library.
Remains a little bit to redo it, so she just kept the frame in the file and completed the work. And then use ftp-ing the client to put file to the server.
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No way to know, because the webcam is not, but should be like this:
Make a screenshot with 5 seconds of the broadcast (not the first, to white balance adapted)
\rmplayer -ss 5 -frames 1-vo jpeg:quality=100:outdir=d:\\screenshots\\ tv://
mplayer for windows is, and with a webcam using tv:// works
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