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Yandex calendar and sync to Android? - Q&A

Yandex calendar and sync to Android?

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Love in this connection a question: whether there is for Androidа calendar that could sync with Yandex?
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6 Answers

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Sad, but the Yandex yet did not write.
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Yandex calendar export and google calendar go to other calendars-> add by URL. Will only need to include the calendar in Androide.
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Here the interest is that the web version allows you to send SMS reminders. From Yandex is still no app (or I badly searched), is there a third-party tool?
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You can use a paid app (about $ 100) CalDav sync.
In fact, sinhroniziruete calendar Android Google calendar via the caldav Protocol.
Details here.
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There are free and program DAVDroid. Moreover, there is both on Google Play and in the repository f-droid, which allows you to put it on devices without google services. Updated regularly. I like them. Never disappoint.
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Android does not have built-in support for CalDAV synchronization. To synchronize the Calendar, install on your smartphone an application that uses system calendars and can work with the CalDAV protocol, for example CalDAV-Sync.

1 Open your smartphone’s settings.
2 Select Accounts and sync (Accounts and sync).
3 Click Add Account.
4 Select CalDAV.
5 Specify account settings:

         Server name:

         Use SSL: yes

         User name: your
         Password: your password (or application password if you enabled two-factor authentication)
     Save your settings.
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