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Name it-posts in English? - Q&A

Name it-posts in English?

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Good afternoon.

There is a need to know how to properly called certain positions in the IT-sphere in English (perhaps better to say, what are the positions there, in the West).

There are positions CIO, CTO. Approximate meaning of posts I understand (based on materials in wiki), but maybe there is a list of legally correct correspondences for the rest? If who faced a problem could you please share information?
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3 Answers

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Specialist customer support — Technical Support Engineer/Desktop Support Engineer;
System administrator — System(s) Administrator;
Network administrator — Network Administrator;
System engineer — System(s) Engineer;
Architect — Architect (for areas such as Software Architect, Infrastructure Architect, etc.);
Lead engineer/Senior engineer — Senior Engineer;
Programmer/Developer — Software Developer;
Tester Tester;
Project Manager — Project Manager.
The team leader — Team Leader;
Head of it Department/Technical Director — Chief Technology Officer (CTO);
Chief information officer/Director of information Chief Information Officer (CIO).
The difference between CIO and CTO (if simplistic): the CIO is a business man, who understands something of it, CTO is a technical person who understands something in business.
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Google this query:
information technology job titles list
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Here you can see what is behind the names -
Watched CEPIS, Sfia and eCF. CEPIS most closely prescribe the activities.
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