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Shipping from USA: intermediary Polar Express. Feedback? - Q&A

Shipping from USA: intermediary Polar Express. Feedback?

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Good evening!

Choose a mediator to deliver goods from America.

Came across a company the Polar Express. Very nice price, in contrast to the same very popular shipito.

Maybe someone from Abrosimov worked with them? What's the verdict?

What kind of intermediaries are used? Thank you.
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7 Answers

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Don't shipito expensive?
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Ordered through them Kindle Amazon. To their warehouse the parcel arrived 22 Mar, now, judging by the tracking it in stages:
28-Mar-2011 09:18 POLAR_NYC International despatch
I hope that in a couple of weeks getting to native Volgograd.
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Here come my Kindle, the complete tracking like this:
Time Location Description
25-Mar-2011 15:32 DEPOT Shipment created
27-Mar-2011 21:20 DEPOT Shipment received at origin depot
27-Mar-2011 21:39 DEPOT Shipment manifested
28-Mar-2011 09:18 POLAR_NYC International despatch
01-Apr-2011 10:05 Berlin shipment routed to Kaliningrad
05-Apr-2011 07:28 Kaliningrad customs cleared
09-Apr-2011 17:24 routed Parcel KALININGRAD to Moscow
14-Apr-2011 03:20 Moscow Moscow parcel arrived with SPSR£
18-Apr-2011 11:01 DEPOT Shipment delivered
20-Apr-2011 07:56 DEPOT Shipment uplifted
Shipping to Volgograd cost $28. The parcel arrived without damage, however, the invoice CPCR (they're bringing in Russia) was listed as "jeans for women" :)
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I ordered a projector to Moscow. Of the employee and answered questions day or night and sometimes even the transliteration is :)
About problems quickly informed "Timur, you will have the volumetric weight is 9 pounds, if you send via Fedex, transit to 5 days, they take account of what this weight — $80.82. a if send via EMS — transit 7-10 days, they will take into account only the physical weight of 6 pounds, in this case shipping cost will be — $63.10. Let us know through whom to send a parcel "
Fedex ne mozhet dostavit', govoryat address incorrect
Pozvonite im — dlya utochnite nix dostavki address
nomer vashei posulki 796533233***
Well, I was not in the scrap to make a call, but noted that the employee of the Express then said, is all well ended.
I'm another order through them made unable to unsubscribe here.
They also have accounts for answers to the questions — and learn somewhere else )
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For two years all cite through Polar Express. A lot of products I buy from Amazon all the time, not a single puncture at the polar was not.
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In principle, I tried out all the middlemen,and now make 2 package in Polexp me what they liked and did not like.
Pros +
1.Cheap shipping cost.
2.Quality packaging of the parcel.
3.Quick check received at the warehouse shipments.
Cons -
1.The web interface is inconvenient to operate it.
2.The imposition of additional services and complexity of information.
3.The site has no history of parcels as such.
The interface of the website,personal Cabinet is not as such,in principle, there is only a delivery address in Russia and account information,no history of parcels,for example, I want to see what goods was my ex-package,what the cost was she on the basis of any services, the cost turned out to be - it is not!
For additional services - I have a package for example consists of 10 items, additional services the item "Registration of the purchase in the client's office" said
"Our employees contribute a parcel in Your account on the website, in the section of the Warehouse, in the case where the seller did not provide tracking number of the parcel or the Customer has not made a premise in our system UNTIL its arrival at the warehouse. Parcels are recorded manually only in case of availability of the subscriber box on the mail label.
Photo address sticker and product do - +$1.00"
In fact for extra service took 20$ (there is no objection,I did not register the parcel,did the website) which included the photographing of departure,but then still put 10$ extra for the photographing of departure,i.e. for one service in fact take twice.
Outcome: the Parcels are harvested and sent quickly,packaged efficiently,inexpensive service,but spoils the impression of the firm,curve a website and the incorrect payment for services.
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Friend Ship ( Use for 2 years. A very pleasant experience. But the most interesting thing is that the price for services is not, itself, indicate how much you're willing to pay for services.
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