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How to restore data from iPhone backup? - Q&A

How to restore data from iPhone backup?

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IPhone he lost on the computer (under MacOS) remained the backup. The location it was found, but there's just a set of files. Is it possible somehow from the backup to restore anything? Particularly interested in photos and notes.
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plug new device (iphone) and restore to it a backup.
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If a new device is not, or similar apps.
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All of these files in reserve is essentially a sqlite database (or chunks of one database, I do not remember). A year ago I managed without special. programs (only a handy tool for sqlite) to retrieve the piece of information. Manually doing it is not that difficult. and such programs make the process more effective (I later realized).

Some files, like, it's just a renamed jpg images (that are of a great size)
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There are two ways to restore iPhone from backup

Method 1: follow the instructions Apple
1.Open Itunes on your computer.
2.Plug in the mobile to the computer as well as sync it normally.
Locate the iPhone in the column "Devices" in the left window of Itunes.
3.Right click on the iPhone icon in column "Devices" and select "Restore from backup" Select one of the backup versions from the drop-down menu and click "Restore". This will allow you to recover any photos that you have lost since your last sync in Itunes.

Method 2: use iPhone software to recover data
iPhone software for data recovery able to recover data from Itunes and ICloud backup easily and it will not erase your data on mobile
Download iPhone data recovery software from
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