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Is there a postal service in Russia, working with the USPS in the US? - Q&A

Is there a postal service in Russia, working with the USPS in the US?

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Started selling on eBay. Finally all filled out.

The first buyer bought my item. The money came from PayPal, but blocked. Rasplachivayutsya only when eBay will track to track that the package arrived to the buyer. And recommendation on the use of postal services: USPS, UPS or FedEx. Track if not, rasplachivayutsya soon.

1. So, as I understand it, all these services are international and deliver everywhere. UPS and FedEx are in Moscow. What is USPS? How do I send a parcel from Russia that the buyer has accepted it from USPS?
2. What is better (speed, price) to send from Russia? USPS, UPS or FedEx?
3. In my lot I have outlined the cheapest shipping (5$, probably by mistake) and choose it, are there any options to send a track?
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3 Answers

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Depends on the country of the recipient.

1. USPS is an analogue of Russian post, only in USA. If you sent the package regular mail or EMS, it is 100% in the States will be delivered USPSом.
UPS and FedEx are all private owners. The speed is much higher than normal mail, but the price is appropriate (not $5). But from minuses - they have a custom not so good relations, as the Russian post and EMS, so documentation may be required for customs.

2. UPS and FedEx always faster. In any country. And the country too. But again, the price is appropriate.

3. With track number the most trouble. If you send regular mail, you give the local Russian tracking number. After receiving your order, USPS may assign your track (at least in the opposite direction and done) and you have no almost no way to learn this new track. But if sending via EMS, FedEx or UPS, it has when sending a room will never change.

In summary - if you are sending to the States, then use EMS as the most painless and cheapest option.
Update: use the calculators on the websites of companies that at least the order price to find out.
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Also, in order to avoid blocking PayPal, can sell through the company WesternBid.
- Receive payments (5% Commission will be charged after the PayPal fee)
Low PayPal fee (for each incoming payment 1.9% +$0.30)
- Payment of eBay fee - FREE
- Processing of complaints in PayPal for FREE
- Payments in Europe (,, etc.) and America (, etc.)
- Maintenance of accounts and withdrawal of funds in dollars and euros
- The ability to make purchases from the balance (periodic promotions for sellers)
- No sales tax (the number of buyers from Minnesota less than 0.5%, no tax on clothes and shoes, pay for you)
- Withdrawal with no Commission is charged only the service fee (for example, webmoney - 0.8%)
- Servers and database - only in the US, no reporting and accounting in the CIS.
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