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Can't draw a conclusion from a JSON query in php? - Q&A

Can't draw a conclusion from a JSON query in php?

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In General, everything is simple but at the same time are unable to conclude the piece of json result

Connected respectively to json
In order to make in php using foreach

<?php foreach($data as $a): ?>\r<?= $a->number ?> <?php endforeach; ?>

But I can't print the line number
Help can someone tell me how, maybe I something wrong doing? Thanks in advance!
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2 Answers

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<? var_dump($data->number); ?>The way it works.
So and so, too, until the first object:
<?php foreach($data as $a): ?>\r<?= $a ?>\r<?php endforeach; ?>

So in this version (all objects do json-AMI):
<?php foreach($data as $k=>$a): ?> <?=(is_string($a))?"$k=>$a
"?> <?php endforeach; ?>

Since json is a structure, and to extract a custom field you need to write a recursive function that will iterate through all the tree and find the desired value. Or explicitly specify the desired through a series of "->" setting the path correctly on the "tree" to the desired node.
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so you iterate nothing - you have only one object, not an array of objects.
toric on one simple object iterates over its properties and the$a->number will patalu (because $a is not an object).

in your case you need the entire code to replace in just <?= $data->number ?>
for clarity -
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