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How to figure out what is the cause of problems with ipv6 in windows 7? - Q&A

How to figure out what is the cause of problems with ipv6 in windows 7?

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There is a local network with 3 windows 7 computers, 3 android phones and 2 ubuntu(14 and 18)
In a local network using 6in4 configured ipv6 from Hurricane Electric
Ubuntu, android, and the router is not experiencing any problems with ipv6 even after a long term connection
All three windows systems are installed with a single image.
System last reshuffled in 2016 and there are no problems with ipv6
The system installed in 2017 works fine with ipv6 is about 30 minutes(at 29 still has a connection with ipv6. 31 it remains only a local address(not displayed even ipv6 gateway))
The system, which was established in the year 2015, worked with ipv6 fine. After reinstalling in 2018 the problem is the same as on 2017. As a result, we can conclude that the problem not in gland and in 2017 the system
If you run Live version of ubuntu on any of the windows machines network issues do not exist
What I tried:
1) Reconnect to the network(like enabling/disabling in device Manager) is not running. Only a reboot helps
2) install the same version of the driver network as for 2016 does not help
3) In windows journal, near(3 minutes both sides) with time disable ipv6(30 minutes later field system start-up) no event
Attach the output of ipconfig /all to 30 minutes and after on one of the problematic machines
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1 Answer

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As it turned out the circus was to blame dweb(or rather his firewalls)
(The third windows is AVG)
Happened about the following:
1) windows has received an ipv6 address prior to the loading of firewall
2)after 30 minutes windows updated ipv6 address but received no response
I'd love to know what's so terrible see dweb in ipv6?
The process of finding out the causes of this problem lasted for so long because I've never had any problems with the products dweb
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