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How to change an object hover? - Q&A

How to change an object hover?

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Please help kick in the right direction. I would like to hang some event(e.g. sending email) when the user attempts to maximize some kind of marker.

For example, the user:
  1. opens the map
  2. sees his interest marker
  3. makes zoom to zoom the map and as close to the marker
  4. at the time when the zoom value for example equal to 15, and if this marker is located approximately in the center(there is a subtle point), it will send the email(I'm realizing)

Does yandex maps api 2.1 is the ability to implement?
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See event card:
  • boundschange – changed Event of the map viewport (as the result of changing the center or zoom level).
  • actionend – the End of smooth motion maps.
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