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Could you recover lost and synchronized bookmarks from Google Chrome? - Q&A

Could you recover lost and synchronized bookmarks from Google Chrome?

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Once, in FF I was using Xmarks for bookmark sync, when switching to Chrome and using them and moved. But then refused it, because in chrome there sync. All was well until on February 24, Xmarks updated. Refreshed — he quickly jammed everything that was chrome, your bookmarks, which had become obsolete in half a year — year. And then chrome itself was ruined for me even on a second computer bookmarks :(.

Tell me, is it possible to dig up from somewhere in my bookmarks? Google doesn't keep any history with izmenenia? Damn, could ask question when I see that you deleted a few dozen bookmarks!
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3 Answers

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It seems that the file with bookmarks is located at \\Documents and Settings\\your account\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Google\\Chrome\\User Data\\Default\\Bookmarks. To restore probably will not work, but in the future, bekapy this file, then to throw.
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I have a similar problem — the need to restore bookmarks...
Only my brother had them removed when I gave my laptop to him and did not stop the sync account :(
With the lost bookmarks I resigned... but there is one thing — although there are no bookmarks on the server your account statistics - the idea of this link is shown not 0 bookmarks, but ~180 around the same amount I had them...
and here is two questions:
first who to contact to recover the bookmarks are not deleted on the server, but don't want to be pumped back.
and second — if you have uninstalled bookmarks — why are they not deleted on the server (were sleeping).
In General — in this case, not confidentiality can help me to recover accidentally deleted 3 years of very useful materials.
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Three days I struggled with this problem, and the solution was simple. At first all did as suggest and in all forums:
2. Go to the folder AppData\\Local\\Google\\Chrome\\User Data\\Default the user under which we are sitting in the Windows.

3. Find a file called Bookmarks.bak is a backup file storage which makes Chrome after opening the program IF SOMETHING CHANGED IN the TABS. Also in this folder there is a file with the same name Bookmarks, but without the extension .bak is the main file in which the bookmark is stored, it changes during the creation/deletion of bookmarks.
4. Next, go to the folder DELTUSER, which is below the Default folder, and from it copied so we need the file bookmarks and bookmarks.bak !!!!!Then, in the Default folder removed useless bookmarks and bookmarks.bak and put in the folder DELTUSER. What all bookmarks recovered it on the last date of loss. It is strange that still so many years no one wrote about it. Greedy?
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