The best exercise in English grammar?

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Need online or offline a simulator with a set of exercises for learning and consolidation of English grammar. With exercises like

to make the offer in context

— write the verb in the correct form;

— finish part of the sentence

— ...

Today, so many things written that only searching for the best simulator will take more time than learning the language textbook.
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I ain't saying nothing right here and the best, but of those that have tried myself:
Here is systematic grammar practice. Can you teach the "Express", and you can sign up, and then the system will not be put on until the previous material.
There are still Livemocha and Buzu — a social network with lessons, there is also a gym, but sorted by topics, not by grammar rules.
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Can you recommend a great book — R. Murphy, Essential Grammar in use. Google can easily find.
The guide to grammar and assignments right after them, from the very simple to the quite normal jobs.
Yes it is still attached audio support for each lesson.
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Trainer I never met, but the site has a great exclusively grammar - There and explanations, tests and examples.
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