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Using Windows 7 Home Premium in work legal. face - Q&A

Using Windows 7 Home Premium in work legal. face

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Good morning!

Three questions about licensing:
1. Can I use the Home Premium version of Windows 7 in the work legal. face? Is not violated if any point of the license? If everything will be OK in a possible audit?
2. Do I need when buying a boxed version of the OS mold label on the system unit, or it should be done only with the OEM version? I ask because, as I understand it, the activation of a boxed version is not tied to the computer, so for example, if the computer dies I can put it on another. But then what to do with a sticker?
3. What documents, except the box (stickers) you will need? Do I need to keep a check, for example?

Thanks in advance for the answer!
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5 Answers

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1. can be used without problems.
2. no, there is no sticker (at least in the basic version exactly). Proof of license is the certificate of authenticity. For OEM sticker for boxed box.
3. in General, then nothing more is required for evidence. For peace of mind checks can save, but not necessarily absolutely.
Nothing seems to be messed up. In General, full of information, he read when it was necessary.
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1)the license probably says cannot be used commercially and only for home users.
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3. Nuno put in ballance
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License agreement end-user Windows XP Home, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium do not contain the prohibition on the use of these products in organizations. However, you must keep in mind that these products are intended primarily for home users and are not needed for business users, functional and technical capacities, for example, in the domain.

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