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Who Regal patent in the US — where better to ask? - Q&A

Who Regal patent in the US — where better to ask?

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There are some good ideas for gadgets that they want to produce. Because the US market is the most extensive, primarily patents want to get there, being territorialno in Russia.

Who has registered patents in the United States? Plz share experience, to seek to have prepared patent documentation and held the patent until the certificate? What a patent agent legal. organization or vedomstvo it is better to apply?

Concern about the quality of services standard:

— steal our idea and regnot themselves

— regnot not enough quality so that it will be possible to circumvent a patent without a huge effort

I'll draw up a document or application so that it will be rejected

— divorced for money "emergency" spending (as it's taken in a number of patent attorneys in Russia)
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It sounds trite — to patent lawyers. Six years ago, one patent has cost in the region of 10K...
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— divorced for money "emergency" spending (as it's taken in a number of patent attorneys in Russia)
The divorce of Russian patent attorneys will seem like a prank, compared with those in some penny in a penny will cost you a payment for the services of a patent attorney in the United States and local duties.
If you are talking about the money issue, I suggest first to estimate the cost of patenting in the US, and then look for a patent attorney.
From practical advice (cheap and cheerful, yeah)... Find an adequate U.S. patents (a good, well-designed), of course for non-residents. Find the address for correspondence or in the graph with a representative contacts a patent attorney and go for it.
Don't know how in the US, in Russia there is a list of those patent attorneys, each of them is given a number. In the US, I assume, should be similar to the list (must be the same as it is not a resident of a patent to issue).
PS: 100% sure that in the documents of patents U.S. be sure to specify contacts a patent attorney, I have not.
PSS: these are not mine, can take note of, may not accept (I personally patenting in other countries do not have):
Patenting inventions in the United States costs from 7K.e.
In Europe 30-35K euros (including maintenance of patent in force for 20 years in 8 States).
For Europe the figure is higher, but(!) it is based on the maintaining in effect for 20 years in 8 g of Islands, as you know, in the USA patenting costs more.
In Europe, e-mailing a scan every(!) papers from the patent office will cost you about 200 euros. In Europe.
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Here is the site of patent attorneys. Experience more than 20 years during which the successful patenting of computer programs and databases, as in the United States and other countries. In the course of work is the confidentiality agreement. For honest company who value their reputation are not profitable nezobrazovat to fulfil their obligations.
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Spektor & Tsirkin is a law firm in the United States, specializing in patents, including inventions in computer technology, and trademarks. We work with many inventors from Russia. Here is one of the patents from our Russian customer, which was obtained with our help:
Call, write, will be glad to help. Here is our page:
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For a startup without enough profit wise to adhere to such a scheme of patenting:
1. Be sensible patent application by the Russian specialists in Russian language, the price about $5k (it will cost at least twice cheaper than the application of the same quality by the Americans in English).
2. To file an international application (about $2k-$3k).
3. For approximately 2.5 years to make the decision on patenting in different countries on the basis of the international application. During this time to make money or attract investment. The budget of international patenting - from $5k to $10k for a single application to each country.
The details can be read here:
\rHow to make a patent?
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