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The CPU temperature macbook? - Q&A

The CPU temperature macbook?

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Hello. Than you can measure the CPU temperature?

In virtual reality parallels launched a process that loads the CPU not weak. The load is constantly jumping and goes up to 100%. The process takes about a day time.

Put the HWMonitor the CPU temperature reaches 90 degrees.

1) How harmful and dangerous this load for the CPU?
2) There is a suspicion that hwmonitor can show the wrong temperature. Tell what software likely shows the right numbers.

PS. Usually in chrome I have 20 open tabs. Now I noticed that at the same time as the temperature of 80-90 degrees, but cooler is not audible.
Installed fancontrol, periodically began to vkluchaetsia and very noisy cooler, but the temperature dropped to 50.
Why, then, is standard in mac os, the cooler turns on very late?
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6 Answers

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1) the constant heating and cooling over time may lead to a "dump" of the CPU, i.e. the loss of contact between the CPU chip and Board underneath. Modern processors are less prone to this, often suffer from this South bridge or graphics card. To the chip this temperature is not harmful.
2) temperature sensor near the CPU one (or one per core), another software will show the same thing.
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90 degree is already on the verge of trolling (the exact operating temperature can be viewed on )
Make blowing the bottom of the laptop.
Something like that 18s3p5qvvc1ympng.png
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Have you thought about the possibility that you have the radiator clogged with dust or thermal paste has dried up on beeches are not uncommon, on the average, you need every six months to clean once a year to change the thermal paste. 90 is a whole lot gets to 100 and beech will turn off due to overheating. The normal temperature of 60-70 percent under peak load. To save the situation temporarily may stand with cooling
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I use iStat Menus, hands where you can force the fans on high, it helps when the load on the Mac unexpectedly high.

How does this affect his life - I don't know, but suddenly overheat in particularly difficult moments stopped because forcibly cooled when necessary.
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I don't understand why these issues arise every week. The engineers laptops are not idiots, and if the temperature exceeds a dangerous threshold, CPU will go into the throttle. Nothing will fall off and will not burn. I'm on Air 2011 a few days playing Mass Effect when the air temperature is +29, high what happened - fell FPS after a few hours. The laptop is still alive. Don't need any stands and blowouts, they just disrupt the heat transfer. Just use it and do not hammer head.
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All poppies are so configured that the coolers are included on full when the temperature is closer to 90 deg. Ie the priority is on the comfort of the user, so as not to interfere with the fan noise.

At temperatures more than 100 degrees, the CPU will start to lower frequency, to slow down so as not to overheat, if the temperature rises above 110, the protection is activated, disconnect the power. So You have all staff working likely.

But constant work at such high temperatures is not Gud, reduced resource chips and other Board components. Overheating is the cause of many breakdowns. It is therefore desirable to monitor the cooling system cleaned from dust and change the thermal paste periodically.

To reduce the average operating temperature can be forced to increase the minimum rpm of the cooler, many programs are able to do. It is possible to choose the optimal ratio, so that the cooler was not too audible and the temperature average during operation was acceptable, for example up to 70 - 80 degrees

I've seen glitches when the noise level was not regular, very slowly raised the revs even at a temperature of 100 deg. Often helped reset the NVRAM and SMC.
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