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The cost of works on introduction of Active Directory 2008 turnkey - Q&A

The cost of works on introduction of Active Directory 2008 turnkey

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Good afternoon, Gabrieli!

To deploy AD 2008 under the key
— A single database of users
— Backup domain controller
— Automate creation of Active Directory backups
— Automate OS installation on iron
— Auto update slave stations (win xp, 7)
— Automation of installing and updating a specified list of SOFTWARE (office 2007, Kaspersky, firefox, acrobat, etc.)
Templates the OS settings and for groups of users (network drives, registry settings, access rights)
— Audit events in AD
— Development and documentation of scenarios for the restoration of the above components

Table, speed, Internet, Vmware ESXi 5 on powerful hardware and a pack nettop with monitors on demand
All software is licensed.
The vyponenie works strictly on TK
Connecting workstations to AD and napolnenie database users will be done by the customer.

Question — how many really stand such work?
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In my opinion the correct option is to hold a tender among integrators for this type of work. You can also go surfing freelance sites for implementation services AD.
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Well, in my opinion the prices can be the following (depending on the greed of the contractor and the time spent):
1) Install Windows Server 2008: 2000-5000 rubles x2 = 4000-10000 rubles.
2) raising the role of Primary domain controller + DNS + DHCP: 4000-6000 rubles.
3) raising the role of the secondary domain controller: 2000-4000 rubles.
4) Install and configure WSUS server (auto update) — 2000-3000 rubles.
5) Install and configure Windows Deployment Services (automation of install the OS on the hardware) with the image: 6000 — 10000 rubles.
6) Create group policies, configure access groups, quotas, rights: 6000-10000 rubles.
7) Create the documentation (secondary): 5000 — 10000 roubles.
8) Installing and configuring Kaspersky Adminkit: 5000-7000 rubles.
9) Audit AD depending on the selected for auditing is configured for the 1500-3000 rubles.
In my vision, in the presence of nettops and ESXi would be possible to organize the work through thin clients and save on licensing (CAL's for terminal server is cheaper than Windows 8).
Price wrote on the basis of calculations of value of hour of work a good specialist, if you work with an integrator, it is likely that prices will be higher and much. Us for the installation of 2 SQL servers setup and some were billed in 450 thousand rubles.
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All good, but there is a small note:
As I understand it You want primary and backup controllers building on AD 2008 to virtualize. Microsoft this is not highly recommended. If you want, then expand the AD to windows server 2012, his scheme is adapted to the virtual environment.
PS. I think that to review the work individually, not worth it, you have everything in the complex.
Moreover, you need a complete system management hypervisors and why the one word no about backup. To consider one without the other — the money.
If you have any questions, please contact us. I have extensive experience sequencing in combination with network infrastructure.
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Starting with Windows Server® 2012, AD DS provides greater support for virtualizing domain controllers by safe capabilities virtualization and rapid deployment of virtual domain controllers through cloning. These new virtualization features provide excellent support for public and private clouds, hybrid environments where some portions of AD DS are within the organization and in the cloud, and AD DS infrastructures that reside completely within the organization.
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A similar project was recently, including the migration of users (about 150) with zoo OS\\ - specific software, without stopping business processes.
Virtualization KVM, geographically distributed cluster. AD on Windows Server 2012
time — a few months cost about 500T.R.
It is the customer, the infrastructure which have long been familiar. New, unknown customer would be 30-50% more expensive.
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If you are a customer, do not chase the price. Arrange a tender for the contractor on the following criteria:
-expert in these technologies,
- has a similar experience
- untainted reputation.
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