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Suitable Sip client for windows? - Q&A

Suitable Sip client for windows?

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Wanted sip client for machines running xp,7. Requirements for client — sane appearance, stability, the ability to make transfers (remittances) calls free, easy installation. read. — saw

ZoiperFree closest to the ideal, but the free version doesn't want to transferit, x-lite 5 is incredibly buggy and furious advertising, and the older versions where krasotulki haven't done — doesn't always work. From tried customers vomiting has already started, and the ideal is never found.

Pay things are also considered in the case of vacuum. Thank you.

UPD1: paid while viewed by most sane Bria ($49.95) and the same ZoiperBiz (€29.45), but Bria is not a very nice bug: if you have a long call history miracles begin. Constantly clean history not Gud. And pay the extra money is not very desirable.
UPD2: Problem setup in 10 minutes evaporated with the help of autoit, because in this situation more critical. in a month will write here more in detail why and what decided to stop.
UPD3: Zoiper showed myself at least and fit, but quite unstable in some situations (likes to hang when connecting/disconnecting the headset, for example). Which is a pity.
UPD4: Zoiper, unfortunately, demonstrated a higher propensity for crashes. It is good that he does this not during calls, bad that he does it constantly. X-lite 3 with the installation generates a license which then expires (decision not looking particularly/not found), X-lite 4 works similarly but a little slower X-lite 5. 3CXPhone is working OK, including and not on Windows. Codecs in General are not confused because those that are all normally hear. Phonerlite personally I liked and worked to "test" something you do not like the interface. YateClient not tested. Has decided not to twitch and to use X-lite 5/Bria, despite the presence of more easy and convenient softin, but mostly due to the fact that the bugs they have already traveled to new practically does not occur.
UPD5: X-lite 4 after a month of use has stopped running, X-lite 5 has been Updated to 4.5.
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And to add one of the free open source to the needs of the company?
sipek/pjproject on .Net'e done.
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I have all of the machines is either X-Lite 3 or X-Lite 5 and not noticed it glitches. What exactly manifested?
Transfer to ZoiperFree also worked.
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3CXPhone'll see. Free. Shuttle service is. Of the minuses — not enough codecs.
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I really liked YateClient
OpenSource, written in C++ with Qt4.
The interface is nice, minimalistic. Works on Linux, Windows, MacOS X.
In combat it is not used.
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