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Where to start and how to learn web design, interface design in General? - Q&A

Where to start and how to learn web design, interface design in General?

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A little introduction: I'm 18 years old and I graduated from art school and decided to pursue web design and to design accordingly.

And was immediately faced with a problem: the Very rapid aging of literature in this area. Now something cool, and tomorrow about that and remember.

As you probably already realized, I need a tutorial, preferably fresh. I will be glad of any literature and links to websites.
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7 Answers

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Do not think for advertising, but a decent tutorial. Regularly updated information about css + html attributes, tags, etc., etc.
In General, if you want something to impose their own, then this is your Bible, the Koran, does not matter)
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Only changing trends, the basics always remain.
First read the book Alan Cooper's "the mental hospital in the hands of patients" and "About the interface. Foundations of interaction design"
Then you need to follow the novelties in the web, on habré there are good weekly digest of the latest developments in the IT world
Also create yourself a list of interesting websites on design and periodically review, if you want to throw off your list accumulated over time sites on the subject.
And then everything depends on the skill and talent.
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And in any case need to practice. You can either make sites for themselves, or to take orders from is not very demanding customers (if there is no confidence in their own abilities), but doing so to feel good about yourself, not only would the customer calmed down. At the same time is the experience of communication with the customer, it is also part of the professional skill of the designer.
I liked the "Design for the real world" Papanek. Great teaches not to dwell on the "thingies".
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smashing magazine churns out books, take anything, just took the first off the shelf and everything is true until now. Here watch here Clear instructions will find. And Bobuk here all correctly written, I also think that web design is moving in this direction, so you just advised.
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That would not make heaps of errors within artists and printers who came to the web and to understand what is web design and interface design, I recommend the following books in the order in which I read them. I read a lot of literature, but these are the most worthwhile.
1. Steve Krug "Web design or don't make me think"
2. Jakob Nielsen "Web-design"
3. Donald Norman "Design of everyday things"
4. JEF Raskin, "Interface"
5. Alan Cooper "the mental hospital in the hands of patients"
And of course not to forget about Mandership , and periodically look into the Tips.
Normal tutorial for creating a layout from A to z I have not met. Sometimes it skips articles on sites like Smashing Magazine, or on Ahtisaari.
Well, that would be "in trend" — I can advise, for training, to render a one-to-one multiple sites of famous web designers (for example with Revista, just do not try them in a portfolio to lay down then), read everything you find about modular grid (1, 2 , etc.) and regularly visit Dribbble.
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Find a site that excites your design that excites the mind and makes the heart beat faster, which opens up new facets of use and perceptions of existing techniques or new approaches. Take a screenshot and try to repeat it. Ideally, the result should match pixel to pixel :)
You can look at resources such or just Google "webdesign showcases"
And if English allows, do as many step-by-step Western tutorialov that will teach you some chips and hacks, which specifically never taught. Tutorials you can look here —
And the most important two tips:
1. Pay attention to each pixel.
2. Love what you do. Even though, like a good whore, for a short period of time, but love with all my heart! :)
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How familiar are you with photoshop? Depends on where to start.
As part of the visual, above correctly suggest, go and look at good examples. I would advise less to look at our websites and more on English-language resources. (for example just watch where you give the psd pump, disassemble and look)
Then how's your English? Because in Runet less information and translations of late. But the Institute held and watch advice is also a good option, the important thing is not to take them for granted: )
Then you only want to do the visual part and or design too?
But it is increasingly to the web design is. What design you intend to learn?
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