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Video editing, where to start? - Q&A

Video editing, where to start?

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want to learn to make a beautiful montage in the video, for instance want to learn to make an explosion in the background, etc.
What do I need, where should you start? What do I need for this program?
Thank you in advance.
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6 Answers

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Adobe After Effects is the program more for effects
Adobe Premiere Pro - the program is more for editing something, and then used for some Hollywood movies. Look at him lessons.
Also, then you will have to learn to work with programs for 3D modeling (3D MAX, Maya)
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I recommend You to start learning Sony Vegas Pro. The program is easy to learn and not too demanding on hardware. In YouTube You will find a huge number of lessons for this program. Recomend to install plugins NewBlue. You can also download a set of ready-made effects, including explosions. Them with ease you can use in Sony Vegas.
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To cannot begin to learn video editing with video editing. First perspirates carefully in a photo-montage.
The steps are:
1) Adobe Photoshop CS 6 (the best version, although you can CC)
2) try to learn a bit of Adobe Illustrator
These 2 programs will be very useful when video editing. After they can be engaged in video mounting:
1) learn Adobe Premiere Pro - after completing the steps to publish your CV as a video of the installer. and to place orders for Adobe Premiere PRO
2) in parallel, look at the program for video editing Sony Vegas PRO
3) when awake good understanding of it all, can go to the next level - 3D modeling (3D Max, Maya, etc.)
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If you just "dig deeper", will do anything at all.
For the professional activities of software need to know Prime After or Nuke. Explosions of cling film clips, either made in the packages graphics (in a professional environment preference in this regard is given to Houdini).
Yet we must remember that vfx (special effects) and installation is different and the editor may not be able to do effects in General and Vice versa. For Assembly (i.e. the Assembly of the footage into the finished product) need to know the relevant rules and principles and not only own some of the program, otherwise, it's unwatchable stuffing.
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You have been given lots of good advice. Perhaps you have a problem with a bunch (don't know where to start with sony vegas, or premiere. How to make explosions in after еffects, nuke, 3d max?)
I think it all depends on your desire and level on which you count.
If you just want to mount and add an explosion and you probably won't work, the sony vegas thing. It is relatively simple to learn, and explosions can be found in youtube.
But if you still want to become a Pro, then Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects for you. Why these two and not others? They were released by Adobe, because they have a similar interface and a function of timing.
But not less important aspects of learning, I believe, are good videos.
For example in After Effects suggest a course "Super After Effects", or to learn on the website videosmile.ruthere you can find some lessons on Premiere Pro. That's all I know, but maybe you'll find more.
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Frightens only that Final Cut was never told. And he was one of the first places. But only for Mac OSX
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