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6/2(1+2) =? (a simple question for school program) - Q&A

6/2(1+2) =? (a simple question for school program)

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This is not humor, but simply an attempt to see the reasoning of different people on such a basic issue.

So please write little comments under your answer.

Thank you :)
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The priority of operations:
multiplication/division (left to right)
addition/subtraction (left to right)
1. 6/2*3
2. 3*3
3. 9
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on the basis of school mathematics course 2-grade — 9
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Tell you why.
Here's a picture with two options as someone who sees the final formula:
Who believes that the first option is correct — you get 9.
Who believes that the second option is true — in the end 1.
But according to the rules, since 6/2 does not enclosed in brackets, so everything after the fraction is in the denominator, so the second option is true.
Answer: 1.
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What, *lyad, for heresy here in the comments? Habr highly educated and intellectual people. Not able to be considered. PPC, no words. The school did not learn? When there is no sign of the equation is multiplication. First, it performs the operation in parentheses. Multiplication and division equal priority.


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First of all, I want to remind that in the Soviet school we were taught that there is a difference between a multiplication with signed and unsigned. The difference is that the multiplication of the unsigned work is considered as a single value. At the household level, if 2A is a quart of water, 2×and two half liters of fluid.
Consider this example:
at a=1+2
For those who do not remember this rule, I propose to solve an example for understanding:
This example of a "collection of problems in algebra", Part I, grades 6-7. (P. A. Larichev)
On the Internet you can download it for free and see in my right.
Based on the above 6:2(1+2)=1

Here's what else I found recently:
In the manual for the mathematical faculties of pedagogical institutes in the course of teaching mathematics, which was taught by our faculty of algebra at pedagogical Universities of the Soviet Union, stated unequivocally that in algebra the multiplication sign between the components of the action are stronger than the division sign. And the fact that in the disputed example, the multiplication sign is omitted, says that a controversial example of algebraic.
With the following link You can download:
Methods of teaching algebra, a Course of lectures, Shuster M. F., 1967.
Me applied text on the 43rd page of the manual.

So, for those who are well studied in the Soviet school 6:2(1+2) = 1
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