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Not determined discrete graphics card on a laptop - Q&A

Not determined discrete graphics card on a laptop

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One night while playing out a laptop Acer 5755g, when you turn on lights up the power indicator was got cooler, a couple of times to blink the led hard disk and the laptop was switched off. And how many times did not try to turn — the same (checked just in case), tried with battery and without it.
Gave to the service centre — the diagnosis — burned a chip, which nVidia GeForce GT 540M. Soldered new, launched — works, back to me. Brought home, look in the device Manager and it shows me only one chip — Intel, and no hint of a second (before was two). Look in the system tray utility for managing NVidia graphics card, and it answer me error — saying there is no such equipment, and manage nothing.
Decided to reinstall the driver, started with Intel, then NVidia, but during setup of the second swears that there is no equipment. Ran programs such as Aida and others — see only Intel. On the advice of the service technicians reinstalled the OS — the same result, updated BIOS — no use. On Intellascan the chip is heated terribly, has launched a toy for the average test — the temperature of the chip increased to 90+. Took it to the service centre the second time, I decided that maybe a chip that is soldered, faulty wypali, soldered a new one — the same result. Now took a couple days to think it over, said that if can't find cause, it will return to its original state and give the laptop. But it is no easier. Here are some questions:
  1. Has anyone encountered similar?
  2. The reason is the hardware or perhaps troubles with?
  3. How is it possible that the discrete card is not detected, and the laptop works on the integrated Intel? Ie to the same Intel, too, was defective, and burned only NVidia and the laptop would not start at all.
  4. What are the chances that when you replace the chip damaged any contact and from for it such problems.

Of course, I did something stupid, apparently suffered during informal service center, relying on their experience (over 10 years) and hoped that there is nothing more difficult to kill. How to take the laptop to appeal to the official.

UPD: actually the problem was in the defective GPUs, which are double-set, third time lucky.
UPD2: the problem is not over, just a day all died, returning the laptop to diamantee condition. There's only one conclusion — the last time I soldered my chip, who has worked day and safely died. Gave the laptop to the official STS, waiting for the diagnosis.
UPD3: replaced the North bridge, it works.
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You have in the BIOS no buttons view-only "integrated graphics" and "hybrid"?
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And the warranty is over? if not — then let off the service will simply replace the new vidyuhi, it is also removable. Well, accordingly, if over — then let your not an official service of all returns (including the money for the repairs, as I understand it) and buy a new vidyuhi.
PS: I realized that the none removable through the bottom of the table here:
Graphics card search on gf117 chip, because it is made on 28nm technology and less hot than yours, which is 40 nm (because, as it turned out, the cooling system failed)
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In the non-SC video card in your laptop is unlikely to change — probably it "warmed".
Veroyatnee the cause of the fault(often confronted) — overheating of the chip card so that it partially otpisyvaetsya from the motherboard, warming up helps but only until the next otpevanie, you must eliminate the root cause — the overheating of the chip — clean the cooling system from dust, change(remove the excess) termopto, change the thermal paste
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Regarding the third question — Yes, probably. Recently had the same problem on the Acer younger(like 3750) — from a black screen saved to reinstall the BIOS from a flash drive.
Regarding the fourth question — Next to the chip, and throughout the Mat.Board many different SMD components that are very easy to brush away when soldering a Hairdryer.
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Transplant BGA chip is a lottery with an 80% probability of winning. Was the reason why burned down mother chip. What else he took with him to the grave — one PCB is known. In addition, our Chinese chipo-sellers often err by remarking of chips. In short, the factors are too many and most of them are not in favor of the owner of the laptop. Beech is not cheap and throw it sorry, but resuscitation may be financial-invoice. You can of course show the patient to another service, but would again have to pay for diagnosis, at least. Ask the masters how much it will cost to replace the entire motherboard for the new/serviceable. This way is safer and will give an idea whether to buy new instead of repair it. Good luck.
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maybe faulty North bridge?
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