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What socket is better,LGA 1150,LGA 1151,1155 LGA? - Q&A

What socket is better,LGA 1150,LGA 1151,1155 LGA?

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Searched Google but a normal comparison is not found.
What are the differences between these sockets ?
Whether it is necessary to pay attention to the sockets or just need to find a suitable for my needs the CPU and then choose the MP ?
LM are they backwards compatible ?
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4 Answers

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What socket is better,LGA 1150,LGA 1151,1155 LGA?
Best the socket that fits your processor.
Others worse.

LM are they backwards compatible ?
Depends on the applied force.
If nature silushka not cheated, you can any processor to stick in any socket.
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I'm not an expert, but I can tell you the page on the wiki
New sockets provide an opportunity to deliver new cent))), new processors with new architectures like the outcome work better than the old one)), plus new cent allow for the installation of new RAM
I would buy now is a motherboard with the 1150 as they are now and they cost a lot + processor too much and they are too cheap)), 1155 is already starecki and a few of them, well, the 1151 is already skylake is already the TOP there, and ddr 4 percent and super powerful, you can even find a motherboard with hdmi connector
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The socket is rather important for developers to iron than to the user.
Intel already like the sixth generation of their Core i3/5/7, along with the generations changing and sockets.
As I recall, their desktop processors to Ivy Bridge LGA1155 was, then LGA1150/LGA1151 moved to (Wikipedia complete list, and Yandex.the market also shows). About backwards compatibility I do not remember, like it was not her, or incomplete.
Much sense to take the processor of the previous generations I personally do not see (unless, of course, not to buy existing nutplate), so if Intel, then Core i3/5/7 Skylake on LGA1151 well or Haswell for LGA1150 - one figure powerful cyclotomic (although a big difference in price a cursory examination did not notice).
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all garbage except for bees
one of the most respected friends did not mention at all about the memory
if you attend to the possibility of an upgrade, you will suddenly discover that there is little choice

here's the deal: trudnostyami and most useful in a computer is the memory

first, determine how much you need: 32, 64 or maybe 128. Even if not now but in the future.

then imagine that after a year the memory blocks will be different - ie, now is not the channel to put DDR3, and to take such motherboards in a couple of years to upgrade this memory will stand dooroge percent or postergado laptop

this place will disappear half or all of the above you sockets

after determining the memory under it, choose percent. Then suddenly find that for many i(7-5-3) - 64GB - ceiling but Xeon. But maybe you do not need so many.

selecting percent - look at his motherboard. More SATA3 connectors, maybe SAS will find (there are, if necessary, of course), or is there a 2-3-4 PCI slots if you are a gamer. Well, all the same support for your memory - then the motherboard can also be not up to par - 32 max - the normal phenomenon, generally 1-2 128, 64 is also a small selection, but there is.
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