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The computer does not start, the speaker clicks and the fan twitches. What could be the problem? - Q&A

The computer does not start, the speaker clicks and the fan twitches. What could be the problem?

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Good time of day!

I've bought accessories for the New Year, built a computer that refused to work... the Configuration is like this:
MB: Gigabyte H77-DS3H rev1.1
CPU: Intel Core i5 3550
Graphics card: Gigabyte GTX660 2048mb
PSU: Chieftec CTB-650S 650W
Memory: Kingston 4Gb x2 1333Mhz 1.5 V

The computer was said to not start. CPU fan (Intel boxed) lightly jerks and does not spin at all (connected to CPU_FAN). Case fans are spinning without any problems (SYS_FAN).

The speaker emits a clicking sound, an infinite number of times. Similarly, clicks and the hard drive (sound like when it starts up), flashing his light.

This 6th sense and the feeling that computer many times, constantly and often reboots (judging by hard restart).

The monitor does not displays anything — though it is connected to the graphics card, though video card is disabled and the monitor connected to the motherboard. One result — the monitor writes "No signal".

I tried to pull all of the RAM — the speaker was frequently and briefly to beep thirty times, then 5 seconds silence, then beeping again.

To put on one lath of memory in different slots — did not help.

To reinstall in a socket the processor — did not help (the contacts of the socket and CPU with it checked, everything whole, everything is fine)

To start the system without the case (you never know short) — did not help.

Running the PSU without the motherboard (by connecting the PW_ON and COM), checked all voltages on the lines correspond with some errors.

Please help what could be wrong?
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7 Answers

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This mother has outputs, as the CPU — inalaska graphics. Accordingly, I propose to separate from the system the latter is not a vital detail, and make sure everything works.
And then none in the service.
(I had very similar symptoms, but there is smoke and special effects, and the map a couple years old)
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Sorry, but You just connect the cable from the PSU with 4-pin connector for CPU power into the motherboard? Because the symptoms are unconnected in this cable is approximately the same as You describe. Sorry, of course, if hooked up, but anything can happen.
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There was a similar joke, even though on the previous generation, the problem was that the BIOS installed on the motherboard, didn't know the percent. Cured only by installing an older PERC (fortunately was at hand), and then updated the BIOS, and after this a new percent earned.
In General, if possible — to try to put an older CPU, but if another percent is not at hand, in service., well, or if 14 days had passed, then to the store to change, faster than in the service.
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You are sure that all the parts compatible? The memory is certified for this Board? The percent is supported on your version of BIOS? Also check the 4 pin power connector CPU.
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Often observed the same behavior. As a rule, as already mentioned, with all the proper equipment, the problem may be in BIOS and it may help to rewrite. By the way, resetting the CMOS can help too.
Also try to start with a minimum of components — motherboard, RAM, onboard video card.
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First check the replacement power supply. If does not help, but when all taken out (except the PSU and CPU) does not engage, then most likely the replacement to be a mother.
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If the screw snaps, or defective PSU either the mother or her periphery normal BP seat to protection.
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