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The question on the firmware router ASUS 500gP v2 (dd-wrt, etc.)? - Q&A

The question on the firmware router ASUS 500gP v2 (dd-wrt, etc.)?

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Good day!

Tell me who set up — I got confused in various firmwares :-)

At the moment I know:

1) native from ASUS for this router


2) ASUS-Naya firmware based on DD-WRT

3) "Enthusiasts"

4) Oleg

What you want? connect USB the screw to raise the OpenVPN, the download content/torrrent (transmission), sharing via network storage (samba), a small web servicec out(but it is possible and without it)

What better to put to stable and work properly?

Hands grow out, the Knicks know, but really do not want busy — time is short.

DD-WRT even that embarrassed — for my router it is in BETA status, and most importantly — to all that I have written put — put MEGA — and there is a lot of stuff that is not necessary or is it not stopping?

Many thanks in advance for your answers.
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4 Answers

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Oleg frankly, is obsolete it is on this basis made the firmware "Enthusiasts".
In General, WL500gP v2 is not very good-it keeps the torrents, to falter would be :) Consider this.
He used the firmware from enthusiasts, according to the tutorial In General once set it and forget it :)
Now other router (ASUS N16), put TomatoUSB, very pleased with her, and she under wl500gpv2 also have like.
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If you have OpenWRT — place it. If not, then from enthusiasts.
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I use this router for 2.5 years on the firmware from enthusiasts. For all the time no problems. Works surprisingly stable.
I tried to put dd-wrt is not liked because it started hanging the router, even without any нагрузкb (just as a switch+ access point wi-fi), rolled back to "enthusiasts".
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I use TomatoUSB on RT-N16. Happy.
For all your needs ideal.
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