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DRE CRYPT MPEG-4 (module to view the "Tricolor TV")? - Q&A

DRE CRYPT MPEG-4 (module to view the "Tricolor TV")?

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Guys, help out the Council. After buying (finally) a modern TV with integrated satellite receiver wanted to watch the satellite HD channels. Learned that the "Tricolor" is available at the price of the HD package. I learned that there is a module for TV DRE CRYPT MPEG-4 with which it is possible to watch encrypted channels in HD quality.

But! Sellers modules warn that soon they may no longer be supported by the Tricolor. In the Tricolor as a zombie saying, "buy our receivers, modules, we have not tested it". And I don't want a separate receiver, because it is TV and it is very convenient — one remote and no extra apparatus.

Tell me how I risk buying this module DRE CRYPT MPEG-4? And if the risk, tell me alternative options. I must say that paying over $ 1000 a year for TV is not ready. Of the programs I'm interested in "Rain", something scientific and something for a child (although it can over the air to watch).

Thank you!

UPD: Found on the Internet today (lucky support):
Call today in support of the Tricolor on the occasion of the modules. Confirmed that in the new year, after the introduction of the new encoding ADEC, HD channels on the modules DRE NKE MPEG-4 will not work, because these modules still nerekomenduojama. But they say that is unit testing on different hardware, and there is a possibility that the modules will be recognized as recommended, because "the company is interested in increasing the number of subscribers". Then, perhaps, you will be prompted to update the firmware of these modules for their compatibility with the new encoding. Or, if they will be recommended will be new modules with new firmware. When the issue will be resolved is unknown, they say, stay tuned. More, perhaps, now no one can say, is wait for.

P. S. I'll continue to watch "the Rain" online.
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Explain. Maybe the satellite signal is available to all who have the dish and receiver can watch it all. The operators encode the video stream in a certain way, selling equipment and subscriptions. Some encryption methods have a "dynamic key" ones is not enough to know the algorithm and password for decoding the signal. The password changes every 2-3 seconds. In the equipment of tricolor can be built of several modules to decrypt the signal, or algorithm, you can change the receiver firmware the new firmware. Run the risk that when the tricolor no longer use/replace algorithm is able to rasshifrovat DRE CRYPT module — this module will turn into a pumpkin.
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