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Tell me about the combination of 3G modem + Wifi router + external antenna - Q&A

Tell me about the combination of 3G modem + Wifi router + external antenna

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Yes, I read the posts about it on habré :)
The bottom line is this. In a country house plan to install a rooftop external antenna, and somewhere in the attic Wi-Fi router and 3G modem. The search found only this: "Huawei E960 3G router with wifi" (which, judging by the Internet, totally not available in the variant with connector for external antenna).

Suddenly stumbled upon just such podemchik:
Industrial looks more sensibly to work in a cold attic. However, actually, a question:

Does anyone have some experience with modems this company (Teleofis)? Will they make friends with some "domestic" Wi-Fi router with USB on Board (like any D-Link)? And maybe someone has already worked out the options?

Topic connecting an external antenna is very important because there is difficult terrain and very dense buildings. At the same time, the installation of a rooftop antenna will bring it to the BS in line of sight.

To disassemble the USB 3G modem and solder the wiring for the antenna not want. Want more or less "industrial" solution in common :)

Thanks in advance for the answers!
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3 Answers

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One of my clients remote (cold) warehouse is connected with GTX300-S Basic functionality for the distribution of 3G over Wi-Fi is configured without any problems. It has two external antennas for the 3G module. For the year with a small piece of iron has proved itself very well, automatic restart when a signal of a very useful thing. Before trying to use a Huawei E5830, but despite all the tricks, on average, once a month he tightly hangs and had to reset the notch of the battery.
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Your choice of a logic.
But this modem does not have a separate entrance for eating.
This means that the length of the USB cable will be insignificant — to ensure that the modem.
And this, in turn, requires a router in the attic.
As a result, in the summer will drop the router itself from overheating.
Even if the modem is not recognized by the standard firmware of the same tplink, it is always possible to make it work with openwrt.
As a summary, not necessarily chasing the prom. modem. Try the router+whistle in the attic without an antenna. If there is a direct visibility, then everything will work and the built-in antenna whistle
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Do not think for anti-advertising, BUT our organization has gained TELEOFIS RX301 for self-service terminal. To work in networks 3G, no complaints, but the quality of drivers on the current day is not satisfactory, often have to "piratecat" USB cable from the device, as a stable modem hangs during operation, traffic goes very small, from 2 to 10 megabit per day.
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