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Installing Windows on a Mac Mini (Bootcamp) with broken CD drive? - Q&A

Installing Windows on a Mac Mini (Bootcamp) with broken CD drive?

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Trying to put Windows on an old Mac Mini with a dead CD drive (doesn't read any discs at all, chew and spit). There is a CD drive connected via FireWire; Mac OS X itself perfectly with this set, but when trying to install so WIndows says can not find bootable disk.

Tried to make a bootable USB flash drive with XP and put it. First was just the flash drive which was SLAX, and with which the SLAX booted fine, by the way. Seeing that booting from stick works, I made a bootable USB flash drive with Windows XP and tried to install it. There, if someone put, there is a loader in two parts — first the files are copied, and then, after a reboot, the GUI already loaded.

The first time it seems to have become — there is the boot loader, I chose the appropriate option, it formatted the partition I selected, copied the files and rebooted, but after that the loader is not already there, and left a message that Windows cannot continue loading because the disk is not configured.

After that all stopped working to boot from the stick when you restart writes that cannot find the boot disk, press, say, any key.


1. Has anyone put Windows on a Mac (via Bootcamp) with USB drive? Once FireWire is not working, then suddenly the USB also does not work?

2. Is there a possibility to somehow get into the boot process and explicitly specify where to boot from and see what comes out? Now all I can do is run the Bootcamp installer, it restarts the computer and tries to boot I don't know how. To go back, reset the PRAM, and can try to press Option to select where to boot from, but there it shows only one partition with Mac OS on the screw. (One showing the Windows after the first Plougasnou attempts to install from a flash drive, but I erased it to start over, and now I can't repeat).

Mac is quite old (Early 2006 or Late 2006), Firmware latest, Mac OS X 10.5.
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3 Answers

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put a year ago on mac mini with win7 via Bootcamp (2011 model cd drive is no longer there), I do not remember exactly, but I think Bootcamp he recorded it all on a usb stick and no problems arose
if you put xp and you seem to have the problem is that the disk is in AHCI mode need to add in the installation or something else to teach winXP to work with AHCI
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And I have a bit different problem. When creating the image Windows boot camp didn't ask to partition the drive and allocate space for Windows/mac os , and just said what other drivers tostanoski later. The choice was only to accept and click "complete the installation". The image was recorded, but it is obvious that Windu wasn't even trying to set. Has anyone faced with such arbitrariness or know what to do?alt when rebooting does not help.
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It's very simple !
Take the stick, swing back ISO in a computer club, and THROW on a flash drive.
If something goes wrong, change alternately the types of records and images (If you help) and if there is not to purchase the USB(CD) there are the boxes with the CD drive, which put a disk, and then poke into the USB and the computer understands it as the primary drive.
But if not then enter by the Terminal (Su root) then (Ho=enable) then (MacintoshHD=1) then (Name of the stick=2)
Therefore, the system thinks that the USB flash drive or disk is 1 device priority, and thinks that it is contaminated. disk and then 100% installation is guaranteed!!!
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