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How to sync history Skype for work, tablet, smartphone and home? - Q&A

How to sync history Skype for work, tablet, smartphone and home?

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Just ask the question, then describe details

So the question: what should be done that would at all devisch and on all OS included and immediately available Skype message history?


I have a lot of contacts and it is imperative that Skype was always available message history. The history is necessary because I am my memory not rely. You would be Tupac, if I'm on vacation available on Skype on android tablet but ask the counterparty to remind me what we agreed on, because there is no history of our conversations. Now the message that I sent with the tablet on win desktop is not visible. See what I wrote. Synchronized on different desktops win of the same problem include Skype home and I tumbled correspondence which was during the day at work. The most ideal option that I found is a Portable Skype on a flash drive. But it was on a flash drive or portable drive. Dropbox for this purpose to use bad because when the Skype is an endless sync.
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3 Answers

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It's very simple — you just need somewhere to keep Skype that will run constantly. For example, houses...
Running Skype will act as a sort of synchronizer. For Skype sinhroniziruete history only between odnovremeno running Skype.
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I use Dropbox, Yes indeed there is a "endless syncing", but for me personally it does not interfere, disable notifications in the dropbox about the updated files and do not notice.
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Use an alternative Skype client (because the work is necessary to use also ICQ), called Trillian. As far as I know, its a paid subscription is the ability to save in the cloud, to always be available on any platform.
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