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[Solved] When you turn on the laptop open BIOS - Q&A

[Solved] When you turn on the laptop open BIOS

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Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Updated the BIOS on the laptop using Easy Flash. Like the update went fine. At least the process completed and the machine rebooted. After restarted, opened the BIOS. Ceased to display the bootable devices. Additionally missing configuration select boot devices, as well as the option "create a boot options". Moreover, the configurations of SATA hard drives are displayed, and thus determined. But in the Boot with a USB drive that was defined and worked. And drive, he clearly sees, as after a reboot first starts to spin, but doesn't want to boot from any device! It will open the BIOS. Tell me what to do?
I understand it updated it updated after boot, sees that new version... But shipping doesn't want soup. Just when you turn on opens the BIOS. At the exit — reboot. Screws formatted and loaded, he certainly will not, but he had not opened the BIOS, and just wrote "HDE your boot device?", now, neither this nor drive download. Perhaps incorrectly enrolled some data in CMOS, but how to lose the data — I have no idea (disassembly not offer, the car is new).
Updated the BIOS from the connected USB drive. The boot priority was with him.
Chipset — Intel HM76
The firmware of the BIOS was taken from here.
Read the manual these updates — it's simple, plug in the flash drive with the new BIOS using Easy Flash utility (located in the BIOS), select the file and confirm the update.
Basically, the problem is with the BIOS a little different kind of black screen.
In General... I'm swept away =\\

UPD: prompt, as on this machine (Zenbook UX32A) to go to the recovery mode of the BIOS?
UPD: Solved the problem. If anyone would like, then go to BIOS in Boot section, then turn on Launch CSM, then go to the Security section and disable the option Secure Boot Control.
After that you can download from any devices.
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try redownload and pour the same BIOS again, Some versions need the re-fill.
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With laptops after updating the BIOS it is recommended that:
1) Load default values
2) to turn Off the laptop, pull the battery for 10 minutes (with the power off of course).
3) Put the battery, go to BIOS, load default values.
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Of course I've tried it all. Reinstall BIOS failed — says it's an old version of the build — I will not put.
Default settings 10 times downloaded.
Now the laptop is off — will try to include, even to war after half an hour.
The battery is not removable. This Zenbook
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The easiest way is to put in a guarantee with the wording "in the morning but he does." If there is a more simple solution from Asus tomorrow.
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And actually, why the BIOS was updated? what was wrong in the previous one?
It's not the software that you need to keep up to date.
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Enjoyable sex :)
You didn't screw up the BIOS, it's okay, don't panic.
Was my Zenbook (UX32VD true, but the meaning is the same). It uses UEFI.
Or if you update you have just departed an EFI boot record, or hard disk generally no EFI bootloader.
To restore the boot record, select add new record and enter \\EFI\\Microsoft\\Boot\\bootmgfw.efi.
If the hard disk is generally no EFI boot loader, when you install the system it will be created automatically.
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Actually overcame! :)
Go to BIOS in Boot section, then turn on Launch CSM, then go to the Security section and disable the option Secure Boot Control.
Zacatepetl left of Ubuntu next to Win7, but I want it on the SSD to fill. Of course but the folder /home
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