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The height of the computer Desk? - Q&A

The height of the computer Desk?

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Here ordered new furniture, it turned out that the table has a height of 83 cm to top of lid (to the top of the keyboard Board (wysowski) — 70 cm).

As zarzal — thought it will be normal (old — 78 cm.), but set a new — plagued by doubts — whether not very high, or just "habit".

What Your external should be (or You personally now stands) computer Desk (the one for which You work) in height?
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7 Answers

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The main thing is You feel comfortable...
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Many parameters must be considered.
If the keyboard is on the table, then the elbows should be at the level of the tabletop.
If a chair with hydraulics, you can adjust its height. But if it's too high, then the leg will hang out — again, depends on the length of the legs. You can make a stand at his feet.
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in my opinion the problem largely solves the height adjustable seat.
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The ideal should be so:
\rПример стола
Employees should sit so that feet were bent at 90 degrees. To adjust the height of the chair under the Desk level is a bad idea, because will be tired legs.
Between the lower surface of the table and the knees should be placed a fist (hand).
As each your height and Constitution, the size of the individual.
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Browse search habré the topic of tables and chairs already izelozil along and across...
The table height should be such that the forearm was at 90 degrees to the shoulder. Pull-out rack under the keyboard is not acceptable.
The chair should be such that between the tibia and the knee was 90 degrees, and feet flat on the floor.
>>>>> This is the minimum requirement. >>>>>
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As for me, a tall. I have 75.5 cm Pick the right chair and it will be good.
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Good day!

My height is 172 cm, chair height 42 cm, table height 73 cm, the tray is for keyboard 9 cm below the surface of the table.

To select the most suitable height of furniture helped me data from... would not believe from where!

Of government regulations!

There is a special resolution that reglamentary how should be organized a working computer.

According to the application of SANPIN 2.2.2/2.4.1340-03


Taking data about the height of these tables as a basis and a little experimenting with the height I found the most convenient size, which are pointed out in the beginning.

When you pick a height in the best way, you will be able to sit for hours at their place of work, with no desire to get up and stretch your back.

A successful search!
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