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Question about the license on Visual Studio - Q&A

Question about the license on Visual Studio

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I sit at work for VS 2012 Express.
Very much I like to use different buns full version, but the user is unlikely in the near future will decide to spend money on a license for employees.
So I decided that can take a personal license.

I know that the license is for a specific user and this Studio can be used on different machines, provided that I use it.
But in the EULA it doesn't say clearly if I can put and use his own Studio in the workplace in the enterprise.

In the license agreement there is a line for VS 2012 Professional:
You have no right to use this software
on the server in a production environment.

Refers generally to any computer on the enterprise or a particular server?
I'd like to work for the full version to work.

PS And where better to buy a license?
As I understand, our verification bodies there is no normal license of the program without a box? Turns out you have MS there is no sense of order, and it is better to go to the store and spend 20 000 $ for a box?
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Have you tried to call directly into Microsoft? The issues there did not seem to beat.
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As far as I know SQL, for example, "may not use in a production environment" means that if you have a spinning production, you may not need a developer license for SQL server to deliver, for development and tests, for example on the build machine, it can be used. At least my last job was bought retail box VS 2010 Pro and the company has even been certified MS partner, i.e. presumably they arranged it.
I can't imagine where the Studio can be used in production just.
Beskorovajnyi license mean that you have all the certificate that has the same legal effect as a box, so you can freely buy a Studio for 15K, but there may be a limit on the minimum number of copies, for example at least 5.
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Refers generally to any computer on the enterprise or a particular server?
It is clearly written. If your computer is the server, and this VS get terminal access a lot of developers — that is impossible. If you work only you can.
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