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At zero the battery is low smart, how to charge? - Q&A

At zero the battery is low smart, how to charge?

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Hello, I have a fear that I could not at the hub to determine the question — I apologize if it is.

Such problem: smart under zero, the battery is empty. If you plug in to charge — zero response. Heard in the phones if the battery is low blocked the ability to recharge it (sorry for the pun) — or is it?

I tried to shut the paper average contact Akka and connect exercises — body woke up. Turned away from sin.

Standard adapter:
Frequency: 50/60Hz 0.35 A Output: 5V --- 2A

And there is this:
Frequency: 50/60Hz 0.15 A Output: 5V --- 0.7 A

Will not be covered accum, if the second adapter to recharge it?
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4 Answers

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Are you sure that is not charging? My Nokia when charging heavily the battery is dead too, nothing shows, but it is charged and then 15 minutes on the screen there is a slider battery.
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In the worst case You have dead electronics on the battery, are often "chipped", then the furnace... If it without electronics then go ahead and charge what you want, the batteries are very good. resilient beings. on this two wires from charging to clemam and all... let the hour stand up, and then in mobile datareaders if it was only in critical...
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Even heard somewhere the option to heat the battery... Sort of charge a little added and electronics will give you to recharge the battery.
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Usually on the battery nominal voltage is 3.7 V, I "revived" simply by connecting(observing polarity) to adjust at BP, and gradually raising the voltage to the current was not more than 1/10 of capacity(whether a little, there is some electronics inside).
If there is only 5V, then you can turn on through the resistor ~100-200ω for a while(to check on the phone is not included).
But it all relates to a normal battery, just discharged below the threshold of the phone battery from overdischarge.
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