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UPS APC Back-UPS CS 475 + car battery? - Q&A

UPS APC Back-UPS CS 475 + car battery?

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Hi, Habracha!

The question arose, is a subject with a dead battery (the Original RBC-2, 12V x 7.5 A/h), you need to make friends with a car battery (65A/h) with COC-Ohm.

Read a bunch of forums and so on. The views are completely different. From what I have found, there appeared the following conclusions and questions:

1) Unsolder pedwalk (to the brain does not move)

2) the Internal charger is not able to pump up a car battery.

3) If you use a external charger to disable the internal to not burned?

4) How to make a charger with an internal circuit to reloading (if such a mechanism is completely absent in the vehicle's charging)?

5) you Need good cooling, because during long-time operation (planned <= 1H or more) at full capacity (planned to squeeze at least 300W of clean power), the internal guts will inevitably warm up.

6) see point 5, two flow-through cooler, the system auto-enable when the temperature of the radiator of the transistor and the transformer

7) perhaps the most important point, how to disable automatic shutdown after N minutes (the exact time measure failed, because there was at hand a powerful PSU or battery)

8) All sustainence, type led strip bar as a battery indicator/work or the cheapest indicator.

9) More.

Thank you.
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6 Answers

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Can add tar.
1. AutoAB, not Deep cycle, so relatively quickly die under such regimes use
2. AutoAB emit oxyhydrogen gas, then bye-bye home contents
3. UPSA efficiency monstrously low. To reset files and off — is he justified. For prolonged exertion — better to sell UPS and inverter to buy...
On Your points:
1.Yes, unsolder, it is possible to disable
2.Able, but for a long time. Curves
3.Soldering iron going on the scheme...
4.see link in paragraph 2
5.Very expensive. And will require a cost on the new radiator+cooler
6.The cooler you can start on the bimetal. thermostat
7.IMHO it off in fact fall on the baby-battery voltage, not time.
8.9. Yes
Double conversion is very bad. I have decided that buying a computer power supply with APFC, which can apply a constant voltage from the battery pack and served it. Yes, directly instead of 220V recess filed 96 permanent voltage )))
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On account of tar :)
1) On account of the automatic charge is clear, just read kislotnyi don't like recharging.
2) This is not a problem, the system can be placed on the balcony where ventilation is good.
3) Yes, it is impossible not to agree, but this kind of crap no one will buy it :) and also, very important low budget implementation.
Of response:
3) Soldering iron going on the scheme... is a good answer, but that's scheme, not Google. Found for 350 and 500, but 475 is not.
5) And what is expensive? I'm not going to build the system with refrigerant :) And a couple of coolers in-out — will be a reserve on the heat sink, no?
6) thank you For the advice, I already started to think at the expense of the atmega + temp. sensors maxim...
7) I can not agree with You, I noticed that some EPS-s, type Green Line series, is specifically disabled, so as not to kill the battery, although the battery was alive and is dead 30% over 10 minutes of power light bulbs 60W,
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Bet the battery from the car and not what you think. I have when there is no electricity — this scheme boiler feeds...
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Why do you need another charger, even domestic charges that long though. And if you charge external memory a couple of Schottky diodes will completely disable the internal.
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Regarding item 7. I have the same UPS but with the index 350.
If the UPS is to connect a small load (around 50W), when running on battery it will switch off after 15 minutes due to the power saving mode.
To disable this mode you must first turn on the UPS from battery and then connect to 220V. This needs to be done each time after manual shutdown the UPS button.
p.s. Energy saving mode is only in the models with the power button without fixation.
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About item 4 — home charging plug relay that will turn on / off external charging.
Item 7 — reflash brains to do this, but the programmer(a fairly simple thing, soldered in two hours, if you have any experience with) need the source code of the firmware description — find problematic, well, or method proposed howeal.
And about the battery connection to the UPS — idea makes sense if the situation is such that there is a room with no people inside, which houses some very critical technology, which have any day in the case of loss of power because 1 - battery when charging allocates enough poisonous gas. 2 — battery is very bad it is to deep discharge.
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