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A good translator for Mac OS X? - Q&A

A good translator for Mac OS X?

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Welcome all Habrovky, there is an urgent need for translation of the text on the desktop Mac ie Google and Yandex stubbornly silent. Need an analogue to Prompt, can't seem to find. Please advise alternatives, price is not important. Need is translation, not dictionary. Online translators are not suitable.
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5 Answers

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The only thing I know TranslateIt, but he himself, frankly. You never know what will/will like.
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For more than a year use Ultra Translator for quick translation of words or sentences, although it is possible to translate small texts. He is pathedic for this task
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There is a great resource.
LinguaLeo here is my link
From this site there are plugins which are built into the browser(I stand in chrome and FF).
When you double-click on a word in the current website, shows the translation along with the word transcription. It's very cool. To this audio the sound of the words.
On the site a lot of English videos, audio and books.
Almost more than a year. Very satisfied.
There are other courses free and paid.
I never cry and work almost all the site services.
On this website don't work, but paint, because I understand the problem )
Although I think many here already know about it ))
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Better late than never:) Offline translator for Mac came out:
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I'm using Google translator: just open the site, paste the text and get a translation.

However this approach has one disadvantage - when you switch to the browser window, have to spend extra action on the select window where the text is inserted. This can be treated easy - open js-console (⌘option C - Safari, ⌘option J - Chrome and ⌘option K - Firefox) and paste code:
setInterval(function(){document.getElementById('source').focus();document.getElementById('source').select();}, 5000)

This code focuses on the input window every 5 seconds - thus, it is possible to transfer just switch to the browser window and pressing ⌘V
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