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Attempt to illegally withdraw money from Bank cards. What to do? - Q&A

Attempt to illegally withdraw money from Bank cards. What to do?

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Searched for a similar question, but not found. Therefore ask.

This morning, I found Texts on my phone about trying to withdraw money with his card (thanks to the connected mobile Bank).
Attempts have been 3. All for the same amount. And at the same address (it is a shopping center). At 6 in the morning. Thank God, the attempts were unsuccessful.

Contacted the Bank the card was blocked. Wrote a statement about the new card.

Card anywhere not pay. Mainly through an ATM or payment via Sberbank online.

Left with a few questions:
1. May I know how was carried out the attempt of illegal removal of money to the future to prevent such a situation in the future? I would not want every month to write statements.
2. Do I need to write a statement to the police about attempted fraud? Security service or the Bank will take it from here?
3. Where to store money? Suddenly next time the intruders will learn and will be able to withdraw money from the card? Under the pillow is not very convenient.

It would be logical some questions to ask the Bank staff, but there is a problem: in the branch of Sberbank send me to the specialists by phone, and those uninformative without the sound of the secret word I had forgotten. And it can not be changed in connection with the reissuance of the card.
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7 Answers

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Read about skimmers. Most likely, someone thought of a skimmer magnetic strip card, when You tried to withdraw money from an ATM. But the PIN to Your happiness, or are unable to intercept, intercepted or wrong. Card blocked — correctly. Release new. In the future, be careful to ATMs, the Internet is a lot of information about how to recognize a skimmer.
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Last week, blocked my card, said that the compromised was in "one of the ATMs". Where exactly did not say, but he said that was compromised in September(!). The subsequent leaking issues anything sensible did not answer. Here.
Just you have to be attentive and all. And statements to the police should not write, I think this Bank should decide.
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3. Where to store money? Suddenly next time the intruders will learn and will be able to withdraw money from the card? Under the pillow is not very convenient.
\rSavings account "My safe"?
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If you are very anxious, you can try to use a banks that issue cards with chips.
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By the way, at the same time would like to ask a question, but does the nature of the banks that issue cards all without magnetic strip? As I understand it, this band in our days can read and copy any student using video tutorials from YouTube, why is it still not cancelled?
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By the way, some online shopping when buying through the Internet takes the money without confirmation by SMS. I one of the hotels paid for. Mobile banking was already connected. Other hotels if you pay through confirm by SMS
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Will contribute a few cents of knowledge as a former ICU.admin BEAC.Bank
1) I use different maps and if possible always try to get a card with a chip
Tell about how the mechanism works ATM
the card took first and if it reads the chip if there is one it reads it and the strip does not touch
that is, you have believed screamer tape! which already has the mark for ATM and the terminal to the store that it is necessary to use a Chip — that is, your map will be more difficult to forge. Information from visa and
\rBriefly about the device ATM
2) If you go abroad at Sberbank it is possible to install a lock on operations in different countries
3) Frequently change the password on Carolyn
4) Know the secret word to communicate with the girls from the call center of Sberbank! This will allow you to block or to clarify any information.
! If you do not know him can come to the Bank and there writing a letter of the word to change.
5) do Not use ATMs anywhere and see whether it Kremenskoy nozzle
6) don't keep the map a lot of money :) keep them separately. Card is not a savings account!
7) Read carefully the instructions on how to use different services where you enter requisites of the card.
8) Make different simple cards, like credit cards, cost her $ 100. Money where you can keep it for shopping different is not clear.
9) Connections for mobile banking!!! Be sure if you changed it or lose immediately change the ATM mobile Bank.
! Case customers when a stranger joined 6000r your balance due to the person who forgot that mobile banking is connected and this room was lost, in the end, after just six months was sold in a member salon of cellular communication.Money back failed.
10) please do not write your pin on the map. :)
11 ) Types of fraud on ATMs
12) You are responsible for your money yourself, remember this.
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