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What is the smallest GPS tracker? - Q&A

What is the smallest GPS tracker?

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Tell me, what are little GPS trackers to be able to embed them in clothing, child, collar cat, or perhaps shoes?
That searched found StickR TrackR stickR_trackR_4_mrao.ru_enl.jpg
This, of course, cool model, but it can disrupt. Looking for something smaller
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4 Answers

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Take two. This, and more. Great picks and this will not look.
Less have nowhere to go.
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Understand to make a small tracker is not the problem, the logic circuit and the antenna can be very tiny, in a button embed.
The problem, as always in the battery.
GPS consumes a decent energy so the smaller the tracker, the less it works.

Appropriately, therefore, very little of the trackers and not - who needs a tracker running for half an hour?
Or rather they are, but it's highly specialized products, retail not coming.
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In TrackR there is no GPS. They are commonplace introduce all the confusion.

Technology they "invented" called Crowd GPS. TrackR is a regular iBeacon. Its a broadcast packet receives the mobile application and sends to the server the coordinates with the identifier of the received packet. The idea is interesting, but it does not GPS.

These small trackers as you want does not exist yet. The batteries take up much space. The antenna performance are also highly dependent on the size (the larger the better). If you want a robust proven solution, use Meitrak or Queclink. Or any other well-tested Chinese.
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Smallest GPS tracker is a Piligrim
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