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It is possible in principle normal work with Photoshop and Illustrator on a Macbook Pro 13 mid2012? - Q&A

It is possible in principle normal work with Photoshop and Illustrator on a Macbook Pro 13 mid2012?

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Original data:
Recently bought Macbook Pro MD101 with the purpose to engage in professional design - web, mobile, apps, interfaces, etc. Took it initially with the expectation to upgrade the RAM and hard disk on SSD and to work with an external monitor, that is planned to use it primarily as a system unit. The Mac Mini is not taken, because the new are not subject to upgrade, and a suitable b/2012 was not found. And buy a new one from the top-end configuration too expensive for me too.

The configuration of my MacBook at the moment:
- % I5 2,5 GHz
- Hard disk 500 GB 5400
- RAM 4 GB
OS Yosemite

In the current configuration of the MacBook to work in photoshop and Illustrator is almost impossible - everything is very slow, even on simple, "light" projects the impression that you are not working on the laptop for 1000 bucks, but on a netbook some. If you open at the same time with the prof. programs browser or a few other apps - MacBook often just hangs. Just note that Sketch is not behaving better - also consistently slows down or hangs. Yet that experience only disappointment.
However, I am ready to upgrade the MacBook as intended. Can supply him with 8-16 GB of memory and SSD drive.

Is there any real sense in such upgrade or is it better to sell the Mac and buy for the money with a desktop full of "meat"? The question stems from another question: do someone of Adobe is stable and fast on Apple's laptops all the time or there will be some pitfalls? And maybe Yosemite, which is itself greedy and slower than Mavericks?

If there are people who are professionally working on MacBook Ah with Adobe - please respond, really need your opinion and advice!

PS I take it the Mac and not the PC, having read and heard plenty of stories about magic and other Sketch app for designers that exist only on Mac OS. However, Adobe products, it seems, is not going anywhere and we should work with them too. And work comfortable.
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6 Answers

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Well, imagine how the mobile version will come.
I have a mac pro sometimes handles 20 minutes, but there is ssd and i7.
The files are large, I use it in extreme cases.
Sketch is a toy.
If you know adobe, you have no boundaries.
At the primary level Sketch wins by far, and with the experience... this is not serious.

Everything is relative, increase RAM and change hdd to ssd will improve overall performance by 3-4 times.
But then again, I have a Mac Pro and air this browser) 8GB of RAM is not enough, 16 at least.

It is better to gather a normal pc that pulls all.
I gathered my count. station for 68к before the crisis.
i7/24гб RAM frequency 1833/ asus nvidia gtx780ti/ssd240... and generally play and work.
It is worth noting that Ira in 2014 are for more productive, and so it's like a Sketch toy.

And in addition why you bought air? Show-off? If you buy a mac book for work, only pro (or top as I have "I almost top, bought in 2013. Took special on the 240 but not... so it's faster, 120 little, 12GB RAM").
Air other tasks and goals. I like the mac pro, but as much as I disliked him, iron truncated there.
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that are not working on the laptop for 1000 bucks,

You are wrong, take for example here's a Dell for 1000 bucks
Would a SSD (16 GB RAM on the desire/need) and about the braking would not have remembered.
If there is a desire Bolson Unix-like systems, then I put Ubuntu and also all work fine.

I have a HP i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60 GHz, 6 GB RAM, SSD 128 GB, two video cards (integrated and discrete). Is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, everything just flies. Photoshop use winXP through virtualBox, but only work with models of sites, also no heavy braking.
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Hard drive 500 GB 5400

Without the SSD, Photoshop will hang (constantly for a few seconds). SSD is mandatory, and cache photoshop must lie on it.

If everyone just hangs, maybe not enough RAM. 4 exactly a little.
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For work, collected specially for the comp. c intel iron.
Core i7-4790K, GF960GTX two cards, 256gb SSD two pieces and of course 16gb DDR3.
Put OS X from the original image and enjoy life.

Without RAM and SSD do nothing at all.
Now I have Yosemite 10.10.4, memory eats 4гига.
Applications only run phpstorm, 2 browser and MAMP.
After opening the layout in PS, the memory immediately goes back to the gig.
Total for 5 gigs.
Now imagine you need to open a large project in PS.

So you have the minimum should be 6gb at work and of course SSD

I do not understand why weak buy a MacBook when for the same money you can get a good laptop and put it on a Mac. For just a Makovsky keyboard and/or retina?
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the battery live? if not then the laptop will work worse than a netbook 2008 on an atom. cured by battery replacement.
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I XS th you at the computer, such at work right now, sitting on the last generation i3 with 4GB of RAM and the usual course. Always-on shop, chandelier, indiz, aksor, nexus font, Opera and a pair of conductors. Sometimes everything freezes, but rarely.
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