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What is better suited for games, both PSP VITA or PSP 3000? - Q&A

What is better suited for games, both PSP VITA or PSP 3000?

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Have a nice day.
Want to understand that is better suited to play together over a network (playing in different cities).
In this connection some questions:

1. Playing together is always via the play station network to which both devices can connect via wifi?

2. Play through the play station network is possible only if the games are legally purchased and consoles are pereproshit?

3. psp vita not to reflash?

4. I understand that flashing gives the ability to run games on emulators, and use of unlicensed content? Or something else?

5. all games can be bought and downloaded via psn or some only apply to memory cards or disks?

6. I understand that psp games come in 3 ways: via the psn, on the memory card, on the disk?

7. for psp 3000 is mortal kombat in which you can play together online?

8. will advise what game to play together online? something not complicated, like racing with the top view (similar to mikromashinok) or fighting (mortal Kombat)? Anything but sports games and time killers.
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3 Answers

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> advise what game to play together online? that is not intricate
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1. Or local multiplayer (Ad-hoc) or via a server on the Internet (Infrastructure). But the first time it could be a server developer, not PSN, AFAIK.
2. The simple answer is "Not only". It depends on the game at least.
3. Since then, and we had to start. At the moment, no. I think it will take more than enough time to fully break-in. Let the first step is already done (so far only in words).
4. At least the ability to install plugins (services running in the background and adding different functions like taking screenshots).
5. PSP for sure, not all games came out on PSN. As of now I do not know.
6. Yes. Yet there can be about game sharing still remember. He allowed including local multiplayer with a single UMD. Ad hoc from one PSP to the other is transmitted to only the necessary part of the game and only for the duration of the game. But not many developers bother to support this chip.
8. Worms, Tekken, Sonic, Bomberman, for example. I can not vouch that all have multiplayer on the Internet.
PS. PS Vita not PSP Vita.
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