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What intermediaries do you use when you shop on - Q&A

What intermediaries do you use when you shop on

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Bought components for my DIY fun to through ebaytoday. Recent wykupi goods this broker is a long time (for the current order already 6 days and no hope for progress). Need an alternative mediator that works quickly (1-2 days). Recommend pliz.


Skype knocked someone shuangshuang52338, a quick Googles showed that it russkayalove intermediary from China. Promptly works, however. Have experience of communication with this character?
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rutaobao is not much faster, although it is the most expensive.
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Try here the little bags work out very cheap for July, just relevant. The reviews on them are easy to find.
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1-2 days is not always possible, because to buy your product, you need to make sure of his presence by talking to the seller. It works Taobao.
Sellers are not always online, item not always in stock, sometimes they say in stock, you pay, and three days later you call and say "sorry". Sometimes the Chinese drive the tracking, you wait, then it turns out that they made a mistake and sent the wrong way. Stable 1 out of 10 things just not the same.
Another favorite topic — order discount and pay by postal order. Silently. The money comes, the prices are long gone. We then exhale and sell in the negative, sometimes in very specific.
We ( stable 10% of orders "problem", and we select vendors on a heap of criteria. Anyway. :) Welcome to China, a country of 36 stratagems and Guanxi.
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0 like 0 dislike — ordered myself a couple of times) the Good guys)
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So myself and Taobao launched the trade for the whole world not?
they have in the copyright
\rAlibaba Group: Alibaba China - Alibaba International - AliExpress - Alibaba Japan | Taobao | Alipay | Yahoo! China | | Alisoft | Vendio
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Buy your own, I always did.
Why do you have realtor or are you containers?
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All dobrovo time of day!

Will put your opinion about working with the mediator. How it all began.... Cool

December, 2012...

-Lena, we're your dresses soon salt will start. When will you stop?Don't you realize that you JUST NEVER take it? Would be better if the children were taught the alphabet and the numbers showed!!
Max stood in the middle of the hall, where his wife, with a happy face and smile like the Cheshire cat was sorting his purchases. Lifted uncomprehending eyes to her husband, she gasped :
-What alphabet, what are the numbers?one son of a year, the second three?
Max sighed irritably:
-I for example. Tired of your clothes, the whole family budget is spent on them.
He turned a half-turn, three-step rushed out of the room. Thunderstruck Lena dropped her hands. She no longer smiled like a cat (actually a cat), new color dress Tiffany seemed to her so beautiful and inspiring that Max will definitely be thrilled when you see her in it - she was gone.
That night, dialing her best friend Ani (which certainly will understand it), Lena, punctuated by sobs, complained:
-I am for him...And he just ... does not understand...but I'm so all day pot of porridge pots to run...Should be the same and I have joy... I Want to be beautiful, fashionable dress - don't want to be a housewife......
Anya listened carefully to Lena and honestly felt sorry for her, until I heard the last sentence..
- Don't want to be domohozyaykoy?...Hmmm..I Have a proposition for you!!!
So began the history of small business, postroennoe love Lena for the beautiful dresses, and practical the calculation of Ani. Ahead loomed late nights sitting at the computer, a catastrophic lack of time, which is now required to share between family and business, first profit and pride from the thought that "Yeah, we did, we did it." But it was all just ahead. But first it was necessary:
1. to find quality things on the cheap - handle was easy on Taobao is possible to find anything.
2. to find a reliable inexpensive medium I could trust in all matters, especially at first. That's it for this search and they put a lot of time and effort. But after a long and painful extractions finally the choice was made. The mediator was young, Riske not so long ago, but only positive reviews, and the communication style impressed)))... And work started! Here's a quick sketch of the last two years of our lives)))
And now from lyrics to prose. I want to share with you our knowledge and contacts of reliable people. OUR partners.

So, why we have stopped the choice on "OUR" intermediaries:
1. An honest appreciation of the yuan. Varies depending on the external conditions. Now is 6.1
2. You can see and understand where to spend every ruble, included in the bill. Clear and fair allocation in the case of navicopa any position. If the position is repurchased at a discount, then the price will be reduced.
3. The 5% Commission. Only 5%!!!Where have you seen less and proved reliable intermediaries? Those who have just started to work and they have no real reviews - maybe, but where is the confidence that they will not disappear with your money?
4. Intuitive website, easy to order.
5. Photos of the procurement requirement, the ability to request measurements, the ability to remove/leave packaging material, box (to reduce weight).
6. Huge selection of delivery methods, including the availability of alternative delivery. Have the ability to carry anything through customs.
7. Flexible rate for delivery cost, 48, 5 yuan for 1 kg (295,85 RUB) - because on Taobao buy everything for personal use and for business)))
8. Purchase of goods takes place only through the links and prices that You indicate. If from the moment of introduction of the product in the order until the purchase price of the product changes (in Chinese it happens 3 times a day), the operator will not pay the sellers a single penny until you get Your answer - do You agree with the change.
9. The broker three warehouses in different parts of China (Beijing, Yiwu, Manchjuria). All for Your convenience.)) You can choose, where it is easier and more profitable to consolidate the order.

10. Our mediator predostavljaet account to communicate with sellers on Taobao. You can check the availability of the product, the conformity of size and even try to bargain))) And on request will tell You the username of the operator who redeemed Your order and You will be able to keep track of transactions on Taobao what size, colour and at what price purchased was the position. Everything is transparent)))))

11. The site has a CHAT, where the old-timers or employees of the intermediary to answer all the questions beginners, well, just there is an exchange of opinion, experience, jokes)) there is Also a private messaging system with the operators that produce the ransom, skladiste, managers and even Director)

Of course not everything is smooth, because the human factor does not cancel) the Shortcomings of "OUR" mediator:
1. For the first time, not understanding in the whole definition of building work, tug operators with different questions arise in your mind - where is my order, and that you put it, but it is not forgotten, but checked it out.....What can I say. Our questions and the excitement is clear - we transferred money to a stranger and are VERY excited...But also operators and managers are unable to immediately answer all the questions because their first priority is to BUY out, INVOICE, PACKAGING ORDER, etc., and if in an hour You have not responded, this does not mean that forgot about You. During the day there will always answer. Once we realized this, to live and to wait for the parcel easier)

Parcels are bought, collected and sent in time. Regardless of your anxiety.
2. Sometimes the stop orders (before the holidays), because of the huge number of applicants at the last moment to buy gifts and Souvenirs to all relatives and friends or when warehouses are overloaded with parcels and must be dismantled. Then declared a stop order and processed only those orders that have already been taken in processing. Our mediators do not chase the money, the quality of the work for them still higher
3. From time to time, comes the marriage, not the size and regrading. Once we put a denim jacket girl, from another city. Found - reported facilitators and we are VERY thanked. It was a pleasure. Sent dzhinsovki to its owner, and we returned the money for the shipment. Was sent a faded dress (own fault - I decided to buy in a crappy shop and at a cheap price), skladiste didn't know and sent. However we were immediately refunded the cost. Several times we put coats and down jackets with fur like Cheburashka, and it was the scribe. Realizing that the subjective opinion of skladiste about the quality of the fur can not be relied upon, we began to request photos from the warehouse of the order of things. More incidents were not. Everyone is happy.

Well, the shoes... This is our beach. To get to the normal store with a good branded copies (that shoes with heels) we can't (if anyone has - please share), and the staff of the warehouse, we sent them. Had to send back. Well, we pokupkoy shoes Tao tie...
Summarizing all the above, I want to tell You: nothing is impossible!))))It is possible to establish and build business even being at home and being a mother of young children. Is wanted! Go for it! Well, if the desire of earning money not, Taobao will help you to reduce the expenses of the family in three, and even four times. Well, a very useful Internet site.)))
Well, the last. Why, it was written, the link to our intermediary

Referral link, if you pass on it on the website and sign up, then our mediators will see that You chose them, thanks to this review.

Thank you for your attention. Hope was useful)))
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