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Purchase a used Mac: where to implement, what to examine, what General recommendations? - Q&A

Purchase a used Mac: where to implement, what to examine, what General recommendations?

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Want to try yourself in the development of applications for devices from the world of Apple. Obviously, you need Mac OS X + XCode. Hackintosh was doing, but working with him is still not very convenient. For the SIM I want to buy a MacBook / Mac mini or something plus iPhone. Purely for development and testing. No holy war: I myself am convinced that the purchase of new devices, in my case, would be overpayment. To save a little, I want to take the used device.

In this regard:

— what to buy? Which of the devices will at the lowest possible price comfortable to work in XCode?

— where to buy?

— what to pay attention?

— are there any pitfalls that are important to know? I am not macovod, so even the most obvious observations useful.

— are there any General tips?

Thank you!

PS If someone tells you supermeta in Moscow, will live very happy.

For God's sake, don't take the question as an incitement to holy war!

UPD1. Expensive monostory, write at least in a PM, what's wrong with my question. I thought that Q&A on habré made for mutual aid.
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7 Answers

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Comes to mind is that the community EN-macsale learn
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Sell the iMac 27" i3 1Tb Radeon 512Mb. The gift of a Magic Trackpad.
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Judging by the question You are not very friendly with "iron" in this situation, the counselor takes responsibility for the consequences of Your choice. I know about fifty places to look out for when purchasing used.. a computer, but buying a car coming from a car mechanic. In General, the algorithm is roughly as follows. External examination for any signs of drops, shocks and opening. Dismantled to search for traces of repair and priming fluids. In the course of cleaning the dust, change thermal interface materials and, if necessary, upgrade the CPU. Assemble and test rail, ports USB. From beech — keyboard, loops, and matrix. Good luck.
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To draw attention to the need for external damage, maybe some connectors are loose or something. Be sure to check the SMART of the hard drive before purchase.
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Then he bought a MacBook and and iPad (but not BU, and new), but the ads are there so many, including BU. And personally I like it more than EN-macsale
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what to buy? Which of the devices will at the lowest possible price comfortable to work in XCode?

I rarely work in XCode, but it seems to me that in 2012 it is not necessary to spend money on computers with a Core 2 Duo. Get a used Mac on Core i7/i5/i3.

Forget all of the iMac with a screen diagonal of 20" and 24" (all models up to late 2009) because they brake, heated, and monitors often have problems with lighting. I would also not advised to take the MacBook unibody 13" MB466 (2008, because it is heated) and iMac 27" 2009 (because the monitor is yellow).

Do not forget that on the old Mac also can 't start Mountain Lion.

Minimal budget right now, I'd chose the Mac Mini (2011). In stores it costs 23 000 rubles., that is used should cost at least 19000 p. If you are going through for some time to buy a laptop, look in the side of the MacBook Air to "kill two birds with one stone".

where to buy?

Jessye flea markets seem to me inconvenient, I prefer the flea market on the forums. For example, the forum DeepApple.

is there any General advice?

what to pay attention?

Makintoshniki, especially techies, are very greedy people. A great influence on prices in the secondary market, is the fact that the Mac for many years produced with the same design. That is, people, before you sell your three-year Assembly, coming to an Apple store I see in the window are exactly the same in mind the computers, and run to serve an ad with a price slightly lower from what I have seen. Most interesting is that they still buy.

A top tip if you want to save money: bargain. And so to pay attention at all.

Before going to a meeting, ask them to send screenshots of System Profiler' ("system Information") to make sure that this is the model you're interested Mac. (You have to press the Apple in the upper left corner > "About this Mac" and click another button called differently depending on the version of the system. Looks System Profiler here). Also you can punch the serial number on the Apple website , just in case.

Keep in mind that all Mac (except the Mac Pro and even then) fits conventional memory. Vendors like to raise the price of 5000 p. just for the fact that they've brought memory for 1500 R. from the nearest computer store.

At the meeting:

1) If the Mac monitor, then be sure to check the monitor for dead pixels. White check the uniformity of illumination.

2) Always check the efficiency of the drive (even if you don't need it) because they break often. Be sure to see the availability/performance, Firewire, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth. Information about all you can find in the same System Profiler'e or in System preferences > Network.

If the Mac is still under warranty (say, a month left), I recommend you extend the warranty to two years (called AppleCare). If the Mac was purchased abroad and is still under warranty, ask for a receipt — without it, Russia may have problems with the service.
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Inexpensive way to plunge into the world of Mac: Macbook (white, not pro) or Mac Mini.
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