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Somebody deduced the money from paypal to the card Yandex money? - Q&A

Somebody deduced the money from paypal to the card Yandex money?

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1) there were some difficulties with the translation?
2) what is the average lasts for translation?
3) Take any fees?

Thank you!
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4 Answers

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Ssori, I words, but still.
With Paypal in Russia, it is now possible to map the money output? There is only on Bank Accounts
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  1. Withdraw money from PayPal only to a Bank account. Yandex gives you just the card that allows you to dispose of the funds on your balance. Funds of all clients of Yandex money in a common Bank account (or multiple, but not the essence), that is a personal Bank account Yandex does not give you though, because Yandex money is a payment system, not the Bank. Difficulties with the transfer of funds to personal Bank account no.
  2. I have a Bank account in the TCS, the money usually come in 3-7 working days after their conclusion.
  3. No.

By the way, the card you can tie to a PayPal account gives you the opportunity to pay for purchases, but not to withdraw her funds. Some people don't like to Shine my card online, so tie it to PayPal, and then all payments through him, and spend. In the end, PayPal acts as an intermediary between the online store and your card. Thus, the payments are made, and the online stores do not have access to your card.
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Thanks VAUX for a complete answer. I will only add that some of the online office transferred to PAYPAL USD to Yandex Money. To trust them or not, up to you personally.
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Constantly put through one of the exchangers in this monitor
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