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Tell me a convenient way to transfer money to Ukraine - Q&A

Tell me a convenient way to transfer money to Ukraine

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Recently began working with a freelancer from Ukraine, the need emerged to think up a convenient and not too expensive way to pay for his work.

Original data:
The sender lives in St. Petersburg, the money available in the form of cash ruble or rouble Bank Visa card from Raiffeisen.
The recipient lives in Zaporozhye, there are dollar Visa card and Bank accounts in PrivatBank (dollar and UAH).

Wishes to the payment methods:
1. A small fee (well, or slightly more than 2%) for amounts of the order of 5-15K rubles per transaction.
2. The availability of points of reception of payments, or the ability to pay with the card online within a desirable fee.

At once I will mention the options that were considered but not approached:
1. Bank transfer: don't want to open a foreign currency account, plus a minimum fee of 15 euros is not a channel for small transactions.
2. Transfer to Visa card: the recipient says that PayPal do not support such transfers of payment terminals.
3. The completion of the open receiver Qiwi wallet: our terminals do not support phone numbers that are account numbers different from the Russian.

The options that come to mind at the moment, but still counted:
1. PrivatMoney transfers: while not quite figured out their charges.
2. Transfer to Visa card via PrivatBank Russia: it is not clear how to pay rubles for a dollar card, and the branch of PrivatBank is not that side.

In General, who have faced a similar challenge, please share your experience of solving it.
Thank you!

PS: the Possibility of using electronic money type Yandex.Money or Webmoney specifically, because neither the sender nor the recipient of these systems do not use. I want to leave this option as a backup in case the more convenient options are not there.
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7 Answers

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Just try transfer through Sberbank of Russia in the name of, obtaining the passport. The percent below, the rate above.
Offices here in Ukraine, that's enough.
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Everything here looked?
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Now, note, the right answer!
In the context of whether the sender of a plastic card and a receiver card of PrivatBank the best method of payment is via Liqpay service.
The sender opens an account tied to his mobile phone account tied card, and then transfers the money to the recipient's account, presented mobile phone. No transfer fee.
The recipient can withdraw money through ATMs of PrivatBank or any PrivatBank card.
Commission withdrawal via ATM — $1.95 + 1% of the amount.
Commission conclusion on the map — (unconfirmed reports), about 50 rubles regardless of the amount of the transaction.
Information that illuminates the sender:
— Cell phone number. It is also used as the account number and the recipient sees it.
— The card number, expiration date, CVV. The name of the cardholder is not required. This information is not transmitted to the recipient =).
Information that illuminates the receiver:
— Cell phone number.
— Maybe something else depending on the method of withdrawal.
All the operations took about 10 minutes including registration, a map, the translation itself and waiting for its confirmation.
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Even as an option — a Golden Crown
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Here - choose the most convenient option for you.
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You are using the service for all time use, never been let down. Until satisfied.
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A bit of options

1) essentially, most of the methods boil down to the SWIFT payments and their variations - recharge with this system cards in Ukraine:
- through any Bank (say good AlfaBank)
- by using the wallet KIWI in Kiwi Jack
- withdrawal of WebMoney on the card in local currency (in rubles and.e. - it is not illegal)
- the withdrawal of the POISON by the ruble card
- Western Union online

2) remittances
- Intel Express
- Money Gram
- Western Union

3) Replenish the account opened in the Ukrainian subsidiary of the Russian Bank - Sberbank of Russia, VTB, Bank of Moscow, Alfa-Bank (need to the opportunity specified by the recipient)

In many cases the situation depends on what Bank You work for (some variant can be cool), but in Your case not working.

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