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As a fully Google Chrome in Ubuntu 12.04? [Solved] - Q&A

As a fully Google Chrome in Ubuntu 12.04? [Solved]

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Good day habrovany! Faced with the problem in Chrome — I went to the infected website from which I needed information and, in fact, criticized the browser security of. It appears that on different sites, such as Vkontakte appears is at the bottom (in the basement) leading to what the game is about tanks...
Actually it's the lyrics. The problem is not the virus... so I Wanted to completely remove the browser and install it on the new one. And then there is a problem: Google Chrome refuses to completely removed from Ubuntu. In the official documentation Google recommend to use Synaptic and to deliver the package for complete removal. Well, did — did not help. After removal install the new browser, and it and tabs and saved passwords and everything else...
Not a problem — try autoremove (sudo apt-get autoremove) and again after the installation I see that all survived. Try to use the iron version — sudo apt-get purge google-chrome-stable* and delete all folders and files with google chrome or with the car... Separately perform sudo apt-get purge google and sudo apt-get purge chrome, on that system removes Chromium.
In the end, after all the efforts of saving left... Looking at synaptica where all the folders Chrome and after deleting all cleaned... save the left — naturally with the virus in the cookies. Browser cleanup does not help. Disconnect from your Google account too.
Tell me how to completely remove Chrome? I hate it...
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4 Answers

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You are out there looking for a reason chromium could not be demolished. The infamous "virus" was only in the settings of chromium in your uchetku: ~/.config/cromium, if the directory to delete the browser reset and are configured by default.
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I think something like this:
\rsudo apt-get remove --purge google-chrome-stable
\rrm-rf ~/.config/google-chrome
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Thank you very much! Helped =)
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Good answer, but my chrome freaked up the generation of white and after I done on the Council StrangeAttractor finished off the still as follows:
# locate google-chrome > chrome
#cat chrome |wc
a b c
#vi chrome
.,.+a!awk '{print "rm-rf",$0}'
then added at the beginning of the file line
and closed the file
and then with fury and foam:
#chmod +x chrome
#sh chrome
#locate google-chrome
Then I got an incredible pleasure ;)
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