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The choice of engine cms for online store - Q&A

The choice of engine cms for online store

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Probably every month raises the question of the choice of engine shop and it would seem that already the problem to be solved, but on closer inspection turned out to be not so simple.

Wanted engine online store suited to the following requirements:

— Clearance of goods without mandatory registration

Directory consists of brands, categories, subcategories

Block "recently viewed products".

Basket, checkout, select shipping method, select payment method(+a little blood!-to bind their bills)

— Filter by parameters of products( by price, choose from a list of colors, with a thickness of less than). Filter each category may be different(no point in mice to filter by amount of memory).

— Ability to set different parameters(properties)\\group parameters for different categories of goods

Filter and flexible configuration of products is the main criterion.

— Ability to comment on the product

— Ability to evaluate a product

— Ability to set discounts (optional) — eg. product shows "Action", it is usually easy to implement.

— Comparison of similar products

— Options — the finished combination product player with USB flash drive, kolkota GB.

— Options — With this product you can buy — for example the headphones to the player

and optional(engine shop easier! a simple cms than cms to the desired store, but if you have out of the box — well), the requirements of the engine from the "standard cms":


news, articles, FAQs

— photo\\video gallery

I read similar questions, but the answers there did not find:

From what I analyzed:

Cons: Orders are tied to the registration of the users(I understand that you can make invisible check email, or use openid\\oauth), but the main disadvantage — it Bitrix it is paid: it is planned with a dozen shops, all the requirements he does not meet and still have to work, and at its own cost and planning is not one of an Internet store is particularly annoying.


Quite a powerful online store, but "cms" in it is limited to creating static pages.

Built-in filter(blocklayered) the goods are not able to filter characteristics by type: "choose goods, where the value of the characteristics is less than 10", although the built-in parameters as "Price" and "Weight" that such a filter have, and so its characteristics can only choose from a set of given values. It has a lot of free and paid add-ons, adequate value. Study them — while the main candidate. If anyone knows nice Addons that adds the required functionality, I will be glad to links.

YiiShop to Yii:

Weak, but "something" is. Unfortunately there is a limited timeframe from the customer finished not enough.

Next in line to the study — osCommerce. But in order to perform adequately a specific engine's one day, and their variety very much.

Asking for help from the community to tell what engines have you used, how well fit the requirements described above and how difficult will it be to implement them in the missing functionality?

Discusses various options for php\\python\uby free and paid.
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Prestashop has a lot of modules, both paid and without. Including, for example. I advise to look, look in the directory of modules is available, may not have anything particularly dopilivat. In terms of settings Prestashop, of course, crooked, but basically covers all the requested functionality. Like — because I'm not all implemented, but such modules have come across.
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I recommend to get acquainted with
Domestic development.
The latest version is written from scratch in 2011 (not pull behind a mountain of legacy code).
Covers your requirements at 85%+
The remaining finish is not difficult, any normal programmer will understand without problems.
License is lifetime technical support from the developer of the CMS and access to updates.
The license cost is 395$.
1) very well written source code (open fully, commented in Russian).
2) attentive support (developer conducts its own)
3) admin panel is very comfortable (usually clients love it)
4) high performance (according to the developer keeps on the virtual hosting 500 000 products)
\rOf the minuses (for your case):
1) you need to pay each single domain (if different shops), but you can get a discount on a bulk order.
2) the system is not modular type of construction, and ready extension to the community a little.
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After much deliberation, settled on OpenCart. Free, with a bunch of plugins and active community. Very powerful and extensible. Just now I sit up and am glad I chose it.
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If you choose the engine as a programmer — take what better understand.
If the customer — take what better fumbles your programmer \\ developer.
\rAny engine need to be sharpened to suit your needs.
You can also focus on:
1. how much are you willing to pay for the engine and its configuration.
2. how important is the Russian adaptation (payment systems, documents, 1C) — if not — you can take free if you need a better commercial.
In General, the principle is simple — a commercial engine allows you to save money on rework (and save time), because many questions have already been solved.
I tried Bitrix, Netcat, HostCMS, lamp, PrestaShop, OpenCart, osCommerce, Magento and others most closely worked with Joomla! Virtuemart and Webasyst Shop-script.
Under shop now choose the latter. On the one hand, it's pretty empty (all filters, etc. to tie optional — but I already did it for cheap at one store, then rolled for free), but:
— is ready to work with Russian payment systems, documents, 1C;
— is relatively inexpensive (especially as a partner I get it at a discount);
all required rework inexpensive (compared to the same Bitrix — the difference will be in order).
Free watch OpenCart, PrestaShop or Magento (the latter will be more difficult and under revision it is not cheap)
If you want to do a lot of shopping — you may like Netcat. On one copy of the engine you can make many websites one owner, modify and maintain only have one, and as a universal CMS now it's my choice.
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From myself I will recommend OpenCart. Mega cool system, not a weak server does not brake in difference from the same PrestaShop (And this is no joke, she really thinks). The design is simple, knowledge of CSS will help you. Free, lots of features, modules, templates, a bunch, both good and not. And even on the full Russian language (There is a localized version
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As far as I can see (tried to look at the requirements carefully), everything you described is perfectly in the store he has been working for many years on CS-Cart and complaints was observed. Very large electronics supermarket. Although they still have a mandatory registration, since focus on a long contact with the client and encourage returns. But to disable this feature is not difficult.

In General I recommend to try = the engine is really very powerful. The demo can be found here:
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I would advise to try AdVantShop.NET

The main advantages in my opinion:
  • Plug-n-all methods online payment orders. No need to search or buy separate modules
  • Upload products from Excel, 1C, Moysklad. Integration with Yandex.Market, Google Merchant Center Товары
  • Create a landing page for any product in a couple of clicks (as you know using landing pages conversion rate of visitors into buyers can be raised by 3-4 times)
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