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IP telephony for home, where to start? - Q&A

IP telephony for home, where to start?

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Soon hand over our new building, we will begin to make repairs.
I want the house to configure IP telephony.
What would you like:
— the use of ordinary telephone sets.
— direct Moscow number (495 or 499) for incoming.
— automatic selection of operators for outbound. For example, if the call city the Moscow — sipnet on mobile — Skype or chtonit more.
— Automatic forwarding (with 5 beeps at the home, no one picked up the phone — going straight to cell).
— 2 lines. Wife loves the phone to hang.

As important price, if the subscriber will be much more expensive MGTS kind of sense.

Whether there are ready decisions? Whether it is necessary to keep the server for these purposes, or rather a voip gateway?
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5 Answers

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Comes to mind a few options:
1. It is easiest if only the SIP and regular phones, such as the 2 PCs Linksys PAP2T,
if the city to have the Linksys SPA3000;
2. Also has a wonderful phone Siemens Gigaset C470 IP in itself has 6 clients SIP and an outside line;
3. If various muddied with perenapravlenie and choice of provider depending on the dialed number — Asterisk (a software PBX) of your (I own) or a stranger (on the Internet there are companies that provide Asterisk for a fee, or with restrictions).
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If you need the direct number for incoming via SIP — strongly recommend
The price is very tasty, the quality is excellent.
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Take your analog phones, Linksys PAP2T, and either asterisk or look for a service that allows you to create different directions depending on the prefix
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Ordinary VoIP DECT phone will solve all Your problems. I here's aplus code number 499 for nothing (280R/month, and 100 outgoing minutes to Moscow numbers for free). Mobile numbers via
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ONE phone is good... But like what to do at this time spouse? What is the phone call? Here such(7140) is a box that will allow you to have up to 10 operators for inbound/outbound communications and two lines to transmit/receive call... I Have for example connected the room of Germany and sister calling me as a "local" number... Also connected to a number of "Russian" numbers in different cities of Russia... well, everything else "about the Internet"...
PS somehow not terribly popular device in Russia... Probably too "obscure" for our mentality... Simply "sistemnik pile up"... "like everyone else", than to use a wonderful device...
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