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Laptop HP 4530s when you install more than 8GB of RAM starts to slow down, what reason? - Q&A

Laptop HP 4530s when you install more than 8GB of RAM starts to slow down, what reason?

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Is the HP ProBook 4530s (LW841EA), OS Win7x64 and Win8.1x64, installed processor Core i3 2330M, of the specifications shows that it supports 16GB of RAM but if you install more than eight (8+4, 8+8(1333, the same))begins to work correctly: increase the loading time/hanging by a moment load fully loads the processor. Tested on Win7x64 and Win8.1x64, pereproshivka BIOS, updated drivers of. the site has not produced results.
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and the memory tested memtest ? maybe it doesn't work to a bunch of
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What modules to put and at what cost? Maybe the motherboard does not support this RAM.. And so the reasons can be a lot
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A solution is found. Not sure what is the reason, said associated addressable memory. For normal operation it was necessary to reinstall system already installed 16GB of memory.
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Same problem, but with A1D18EA (Core i5-2430M).

Bought a new one. Immediately put 8 (4+4 @ 1333) GB of RAM, SSD and Hackintosh (and bought). Performed admirably for about 3 years (OS never re-installed over the years). Without any complaints and brakes. The upgrade to 10.10 (and later) have been great and pleasing to the eye.

Because sometimes I like to mount the clips in Final Cut, I decided to increase memory – bought the bar at 8 GB. Became 12 GB (4+8 @ 1333). The first time – increased productivity, system speed and applications. But after a month (maybe even one and a half) started having problems, the vehicle described in the first message.

Look for the monitoring system, all cores CPU loaded at 98% even when no applications are running (just the desktop). Download the system – also rose to a record ~15 minutes (up from less than 20 seconds). To mount the rollers (and to do something in General) is simply unrealistic, you know.

At the same time, Memtest on each bar (and the combination of the strips) at fast and maximum tests – says "Everything is OK".

I tried the following:
– Flashed the BIOS to the latest version (F. 50 Rev. A) – without results;
I returned the memory to the place (4+4) and have reinstalled the OS – no result;
– Tried in each slot to put each bar of RAM (4, 4, 8) and reinstall the OS without results;
– Did the same thing, but with OS Wn8.1x64 and Win7x64 – without results.

The feeling that it's not in docks, and in the slots. This, of course, is easily solved via Aliexpress (there is an average of 10-15K RUB mother for 4530s sold), but where is the guarantee that is not the processor or something else? In terms of whether it would be the same after a while, when I put in the new card my strap?

In short, is a dead brick my laptop to clarify the circumstances. Only one regret – that I googled this problem for HP Probook 4530s sooner (and this is a very common problem) – so I better get another model or even deferred on the original MBP.


Yes, I forgot. Almost at the same time (a couple of months before my purchase), a friend did the same thing (SSD + Hackintosh + 12 GB of RAM (8+4 @ 1333)), but the model LH306EA (Core i5-2410M). Normal flight so far, my problems no.
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