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What to choose Macbook pro 2010 or 2011!? - Q&A

What to choose Macbook pro 2010 or 2011!?

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Hello, the choice to be made between:
1)Macbook pro 2011/Core i7 2635QM 2.0 Ghz/6490m/4Ram/1400x900px
2)Macbook pro 2010 Core i7 620m(2 cores) 2.66 Ghz/8Ram/1680x1050px
Each of the variants will be equipped with a SSD drive.
Confused only that in the latest dual-core processor which is inferior to most i5,even i3
Mac take for the layout and because the work requires Mac OS.
Will work with: Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator, Chrome, Sublime Text, Webstorm, etc.
Is there a noticeable difference?I'm afraid that 2010 processor is very weak.
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4 Answers

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Re-read answers to all these questions about pangs of the poor guys who give the last pennies for a MacBook and trying to find justification in the opinion of the majority. There's no good advice, because "what choice?" - a very subjective question.

"Is there a noticeable difference in the work" - no, because when a person works for one laptop, it actually give a damn about what photoshop is opened at 500ms longer.
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of course 11 year and add RAM following the instructions.

Will be the fire.
I ran with the Mac 2009 and the troubles didn't put a RAM 8 gig and SSD is good.
The work is saved.
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In total I bought a macbook pro 2010 with a high resolution and it is in perfect condition.
I hope if not enough CPU you'll be able to sell it and buy a 2011.
Mac OS is like.
Today put the SSD in and see how he will work!
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To impose on license unreal (from personal experience). Need external Monique, but more.
But if the external Monique, for this money it is better to take less demanding to repair the mac mini. For the money get a much later model to take.

Both the MacBook to take a gamble. They're both old and are portable, which means falling and scratching, in the near future can easily be covered with ribbon cable, hinges, etc., so definitely better to take a weaker car, but newer. You for layout enough on the i5 sandybridge, only the main SSD postavicu.

Forgive me for not answering a/b question, I wanted to throw food for thought.
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