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Cheating on me online store - Q&A

Cheating on me online store

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Good afternoon.

Decided to buy a laptop in the famous Ukrainian online store

June 2.

No sooner said than done. The order is issued, the choice fell on such a model.
June 6.

Since I live not in Kiev, then had to wait for the order. The initial inspection of the representatives rozetka any flaws not identified. That evening I sat down at the laptop, started to deal with it and when going off — saw the dead pixel. Trifle of course, but the frustrating thing new. Decide to change it.
June 9.

Bring the laptop back to the representatives rozetka. No problems, the laptop is Packed and sent back. Waiting for a call.
June 14.

The bell rang, the technician tells me that you have 1 dead pixel and warranty terms of 3 broken, the exchange is not possible. To which I reply that I have not covered by warranty and 14 days during which I can make the exchange. At the end I apologize, hang up.

The same day, another call, another person says the return exchange is not possible. On the laptop removed the protective film and has scratches on the lid and glossy surface. I say I don't agree, the film was not (really not), and scratches, well, I deliberately don't scratch. Ask where was the film, saying on the front surface.

New call, now from the Manager, asking if you refuse to take your notebook back? I say Yes. I think to myself, what should I do? At this time, I went to the match Euro Ukraine-France was out of the city.
June 15.

Call a friend who sells equipment, explain the situation, he said to contact consumer protection. For reliability, please check whether there is a protective film on this model laptop, it says that only around the monitor, on the front surface no tape. I have no film was neither there, nor there.
June 18.

Contact rozetka, saying it was in the shop, looked the same model laptop, no film on the front surface no. To that I say there is and you took it. Say it will go in the Service of consumer protection, say go. Come, explain the situation. I say that upon delivery of the item for a refund/exchange had to draw up a statement that describes the condition of the laptop. And they can't take sides. And say that such purchases never to say that the product was in use, and to say that there was a test run to determine the conformity of the declared technical characteristics — actual. Say, can try to solve in a judicial order. I do not became. It became clear, can not expect help from.
June 19.

Call rozetka, say, return me back my laptop. Speak well, our Manager will contact you. Wait.
June 21.

No one is bound, call managers, talking, when can I expect my laptop, they say the order number. Say contact service Department. Right hand does not know what the left is doing? Call the service Department, promise to do it.
June 25.

No one is calling back. Again ask in surprise, so you want it back, because if you don't want to return — it would be illiquid and we have a year off. Yes, they say, will not believe, want to return. Promise to get in contact.
June 27.

No one is calling back. Ask, do you want to return. I'm screaming to say Yes. Say that take under personal control, and in an hour to call back.

No call, call back in 2 hours. No my case is not engaged. Say please give me back my laptop. Say okay, I'll call you back.

In an hour call back. They say, well come back, but since it's the holidays, shipping will be only 2-3 July, and I get it 6 July. I started to find out, is it normal that I want to return the laptop 2 weeks and I still have 1 to wait until I receive it. Sorry to say I can not do anything. Say, do you give some kind of conclusion, why is not possible to exchange/return. Say not give. I very much ask, at least some paper. The service Department is very tensed and said, a well-to — do.

So, I spent a lot of time and effort to buy laptop. I used to buy on and there were no problems till it came to a refund. I, unfortunately, not strong in law and don't know all the pitfalls, what acts to make that reply. There are several issues.

How to get the goods?

Do I need to make a technical act when returning the product to the document, which confirms that return the whole goods?

Should service center at rozetka, to provide me with a document, why a refund is impossible?

Violate any laws rozetka in my particular case?

Is it possible the trial in this case or not to waste time, you still lose?

UPD. July 3.

The relevant question in the relevant subject. Except, "I'm angry", can not say anything. I called you several times in the outlet, every person promises to take the matter under his personal control. At the same time never me no one called back. The laptop is still not sent. Each new answering the phone knows nothing about the activity on my order. Called today at 20:30, my answering machine said that unfortunately the service centre is open until 21:00 and now no one at work :) (actually they are, in my opinion, work until 19:00 and therefore no one) And everything is not fine. Phoned the Manager promised to take personal control and contact management. Also said that they have something not working and delivery in the regions will begin on July 9-10. Waiting for the continuation))

If there is a limit on the supply of goods return within 14 days if there is a limit to the efficiency of the product?

UPD. The 4th of July.

Called the outlet at 11:00, I called the service center, I connected with the Manager. The Manager was presented by Vladimir. I explained to him my situation, he said — this can not be said that will transfer all the data to the service Department and after 30 minutes, call back all takes under personal control. After 30 minutes no one called back. I called back after 2 hours, I called the service Department, picked up the phone Manager. Said that he, too, Vladimir, but nothing about this situation doesn't know. Apparently they have a lot Vladimirov works. Told me to contact the service center, to which I replied that I just called the service center and answered it. Vladimir said that they do not want to lose customers, so managers pick up the phone when the service center is busy)) Vicious circle, Hey outlet. Manager Vladimir explained to me that they don't deliver the goods last Wednesday(June 27) and shipping to resume on Friday, Monday and Tuesday, so wait for me my laptop next week. Well, let's call Friday.
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as I handed over the goods to the service or a refund, always described that has been opened and if the damage to the goods, received a piece of paper was the examination by the rules is 14 days when item is new, it may be 2 -3 days and then could get a refund or new item.
here was discussed a similar problem
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As you wanted to buy outlet laptop, all went well one of my requirements was the resolution of 1920*1200 the Manager assured that everything is as it is. But after the launch it turned out that the resolution is 1280*800 type error in the description. It is clear that I did not buy. But on the website they have this model haven't changed the resolution. So buying the socket that you carefully test in place that was not a problem. It was 3 years ago.
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Correctly so when the courier all to test, to open, to unpack, to look at screen protectors and other attributes of a new product. At the first suspicious sticker torn or excessively dented box, return the item to the courier. You are not obliged to buy the product is not of good quality. The courier can coming and to say he's back to not taking that send him to hell without explanation.
When returning to 14 days do not need anything. You don't have to explain why you are returning the goods, you are obliged to take back and without talking. If you are returning under warranty, after 14 days, it takes expertise. Any attempt to prove that it is not a warranty case, you may request the examination. While there is talk that the law is not on your side as soon as you get a piece of paper in his hands, where they explain why this is so and not otherwise, then it is already possible to go to court. True only if there is a violation of the law.
The return must be carried out in any case. Otherwise you can take them to court for fraud. It is best to write to the Director a formal letter in which to Express the essence of the problem and learn through what time they will return you the goods. This is straight to the court.
Outlet breaks, as it keeps your goods at home, without explaining the reason. Sue.
Your business you need to properly qualify. Consult the right lawyer, he will win you the case. If you are going to sue at the place of residence, then most likely, the side Outlet no one will come to the meeting and, therefore, the winnings in your pocket.
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Excuse me, but when reading the opus before my eyes and loomed a picture about protein-hysterical.
Then you rent it out, but do not pass, then ask to return it, then shout...
Quieter you need to be first to read the law on consumer protection (which the summary can be found on any website dedicated to this to you), and then take deliberate action. There you and statements, and terms and percentages and everything is painted on the shelves.
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Outlet all orders probably so processed.
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that have outlets in recent years, often fails servers, on the formation of the order and sending the recipient, here are waiting for order already more than 2 weeks, that's just called a Manager and said that the order was moved to the end of the week and more they will be able to tell only on Friday )
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