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How to recover password Skype knowing username and having a hash sohraneny in the local config? - Q&A

How to recover password Skype knowing username and having a hash sohraneny in the local config?

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Forgot password Skype, agonized for a long time and realized what a goof... He is not going to solve this problem.
I have a local machine where I'm sitting in Skype, and the new beech can't go on Skype because mail which was recorded no longer know the username, you know what kind of password scandivania the current year (2012) have access to all local files and configu Skype, even downloaded the source and built the project (skydumpcred2) where sub-rule 2 of 3 in chodnika and wound up, checked that the project is working on a different Skype account. I know that the hash is built like this:
MD5_Skype_Password unsigned long (const char *username, const char *password, unsigned char *hash128)
MD5_state skyper = MD5_INIT;

MD5_update (&skyper, username, (u32) strlen (username));
MD5_update (&skyper, "\skyper\", 8);
MD5_update (&skyper, password, (u32) strlen (password));
MD5_end (&skyper);
memcpy (hash128, skyper.hash, 16);
return 16;

know your hash.
How to recover the password?
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6 Answers

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Before reinstalling Windows I copied the %appdata%\\skype
Already returned it back. And Skype runs fine, even the story was tightened.
And then change your email without knowing the password.
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To recover from the hash, of course, it does. Pick up is theoretically possible. This week on Habre there was many articles on this subject :)
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Well... take your username estimated password (password) — well, it is clear that you have to go through something of what Your password is similar. This function consider a hash (it he name of the Usera and password believes) and compared with Hesham what You know. Well, that's all :)
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is it so difficult?
click 'Forgot your password?' and type in your email (this is YOUR account)
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about mail, which no domain exists? If not, register, configure it in the mail. If Yes, contact the webmaster with a request to make a temporary redirection from your old address to your Inbox.
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1. go to the website
2. press "enter"
3. click "forgot password"
4. click "can't remember the soap"
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